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Im Namen des Staates

Andreas von Bülow: Im Namen des Staates
CIA, BND und die kriminellen Machenschaften der Geheimdienste

Das Buch endet zwar mit dem Stand von vor 10 Jahren, aber wenn man es liest, dann ist das, was wir erleben, nur die lineare Fortschreibung dessen, was Andreas von Bülow in dem Buch aus 50 Jahren Nachkriegsgeschichte der Geheimdienste heraus arbeitet.


Drei Affen ...


Petition against "Abuses by Directed Energy systems"

October 2003 a petition against "Abuses by Directed Energy systems" was sent to the President of the European Parliament and registered at the end of the year:
http://www.petition1168-2003.fr.vu (in French but from there you can click on the flags for English and German). Below is a copy of the message by the former President of the Petition Committee declaring that it is admissible and will be discussed by various parliamentary committees.

Now because nothing has happened we are contacting MEP's, some have just received a file with documents presenting the subject and asking for support regarding this petition (the last answer was in fact incomplete and not all signatures had been taken into account, apparently some documents were not transmitted). It might help if some people write a note asking for an examination and discussion of the petition since the answer of the Committee on petition was incomplete. Besides, in 2004 some of the MEP and President of Committees have changed, may be feeling less concerned by something they had not followed up.

The petition had to come within the fields of activity of the European Union to be declared admissible but the European Parliament itself has a power of codecision regarding some of the activities and less power regarding other issues. Just FYI since breaches of the fields of activity of the EP might as well be mentioned if it's the case. Fields where the EP can discuss, make initiatives are apparently: freedom of movement, civil liberties, (cooperation in the field of justice and home affairs is more delicate but is being discussed), health protection, environment. Science and research has been added...

MEP Marcin Libicki, Poland, is President of the Committee on Petition:

We modified the sign @ with a point into the e-mail address of the President of the Committee on petition in order to avoid too much spamming.

The MEP's can be found with the form below, just by choosing in one of the lists the country or the Committee, it will list all the names


Dear Signatories,


Please find enclosed the transcription of the reply by the European Parliament which gives an indication of the next steps and the names of the various Committees that received the petition:

I have the honour to inform you that the “Committee on Petitions” examined your petition and judged that the questions raised are admissible according to European Parliament Regulations, since the subject of the petition comes within the European Union’s fields of activity.

The Committee has therefore started the examination of your petition and decided to invite the European Commission to give its opinion on the various aspects of the problem. It will pursue the examination of your petition as soon as it has collected sufficient relevant information.

Moreover your petition will be passed on to the parliamentary committee of foreign affairs, human rights, public safety and defence politics and to the committee on civil liberties.

I will let you know the results of the action taken.

Yours sincerely;

Nino Gemelli
President of the Committee on Petitions

Many thanks to all of you for signing (currently 183) and for your support, which made it possible to send this strong signal to the European Deputies. This first investigation is the direct result of this action. And it is not over yet, now we hope that measures will be taken in order to avoid and stop these criminal wrongdoings.

This e-mail is being sent to those, who have typed their e-mail address on the electronic form. Sorry if you have received this information twice but please pass it on to people you know who might have signed or might be interested but have no e-mail.

Best regards.

=====DEUTSCH / GERMAN===========

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
liebe Unterzeichner,


Es folgt der Inhalt der Antwort des Europäischen Parlaments, mit Angabe der verschiedenen Ausschüsse, denen die Petition zugeschickt worden ist:

Wir freuen uns Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass der Petitionsausschuß Ihre Petition untersucht und sich entschlossen hat die aufgeworfenen Fragen für gültig und gemäß der Verordnung des europäischen Parlaments zu erklären, da der Gegenstand dieser Fragen, dem Tätigkeitsbereich der Europäischen Union entspricht.

Der Ausschuss hat folglich mit der Prüfung Ihrer Petition begonnen und hat bei dieser Gelegenheit beschlossen, die Europäische Kommission dazu einzuladen, Stellung zu den verschiedenen Aspekten der Probleme zu nehmen. Die Prüfung Ihrer Petition wird sobald der Ausschuss über die nötigen Informationen verfügt fortgesetzt.

Ihre Petition wird darüber hinaus den Ausschüssen für auswärtige Angelegenheiten, für Menschenrechte, für gemeinsame Sicherheit und Verteidigungspolitik und für öffentliche Freiheiten übermittelt.

Ich werde es nicht versäumen, Sie über jegliche Weiterentwicklung / Folgen Ihrer Petition auf dem Laufenden zu halten.

Nino Gemelli
Präsident des Kommissionsausschuss

Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterschriften (160 zur Zeit) und Unterstützung. Dadurch konnte den Abgeordneten dieses starke Signal vermittelt werden, der folglich diese erste Untersuchung ermöglichte. Und es geht weiter, nun hoffen wir auf Maßnahmen, um diese Kriminellen Taten zu vermeiden und zu stoppen.

Diese Nachricht wird den Unterzeichnern, die ihre E-mail Adresse auf das Formular eingetragen haben, zugeschickt. Bitte leiten Sie diese Information weiter an denen die unterzeichnet oder Interesse hätten, aber keine E-mail Adresse angegeben haben.

Bitte nicht beachten falls schon andersseitig erhalten.

Herzliche Grüße.

Thank you for letting me know if you will resend or post this.

Best wishes


Letter from the Electronics Surveillence Project to the director of the FBI


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