Investigate NSA Spying Program

I received this from Leslie

Please see below info I received.

Thanks, Leslie

----- Forwarded message from Senator Debbie Stabenow senator@stabenow.senate.gov -----
Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 16:51:02 -0400
From: Senator Debbie Stabenow senator@stabenow.senate.gov Reply-To: Senator Debbie Stabenow
Subject: Re: Please Investigate NSA Spying Program
To: lesliecraw40 @talkamerica.net

May 17, 2007

Ms. Leslie Crawford

Thank you . . .

. . for contacting me about the electronic surveillance of people in the United States by the National Security Agency (NSA).

I share your serious concerns about this program.

I am pleased that pressure put on the President by the newly-elected Congress, as well as the American public, made clear that our Constitutional rights aren't negotiable.

In January 2007, Attorney General Gonzales announced that after an internal investigation, the administration would end electronic surveillance of American citizens unless it received a warrant.

This means that the administration must petition the FISA Court if it wants to electronically monitor U.S. citizens.

It is critical that we relentlessly pursue terrorists who seek to do us harm.

However, we must make sure that we do not undermine the very rights and way of life that we are seeking to protect.

While I do not sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee, I will continue to relay your concerns to my colleagues.

I will continue to support strong congressional oversight and closely monitor any new developments on this issue.

Thank you again for contacting me.

Please feel free to do so again whenever I can be of assistance to you and your family.

Debbie Stabenow
United States Senator


Informant: Gerry Duffett

How The NSA Harasses Thousands Of Law Abiding Americans Daily By The Usage Of Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM)


How, you ask ?

Quite simply, actually.

It's done by EMF or ELF Radio Waves, and a technology known as "Remote Neural Monitoring".

Haven't you ever wondered about that ringing in your left ear? Well, here are the reasons.

And just why should the NSA do this, you ask?

To silence any who who dare to speak out against them or any other agency, or the Government or simply to think for themselves, and "outside the box", if you will.

Think not? Then, read on..........

How The NSA Harasses Thousands Of Law Abiding Americans Daily By The Usage Of Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM)

John St. Clair Akwei vs. NSA, Ft. Meade, MD, USA

Table of Contents

Cover Page

NSA Mission & Operations

Communications Intelligence

Signals Intelligence

Domestic Intelligence

Independently Operating Personnel Target Citizens

NSA's Domestic Electronic Surveillance Network

Signals Intelligence Remote Computer Tampering

Detecting EMF Fields in Humans for Surveillance

NSA Signals Intelligence Use of EMF Brain Stimulation

Capabilities of NSA operatives using RNM

NSA Signals Intelligence Electronic Brain Link Technology

Table: An example of EMF Brain Stimulation

NSA Techniques and Resources

Remote RNM Devices

Spotters and Walk-Bys in Metropolitan Areas

Chemicals and Drugs

Intelligence / Anti-Terrorist Equipment


Further Resources


2. Whenever this machine is being operated on high frequency, it can be used to kill you.

The beam of high frequency radiation emitted from the machine can be aimed at your head or your body.

If the target is your head, your central nervous system will be damaged.

If the target is your body, your organs will be damaged.

For example, If the target is your heart, it will cause heart problems.

You'll die with heart attack suddenly or slowly depending on your body situation.

If the target is your kidney's, it'll reduce your sex ability.

Even if the machine is not being operated on extreme high frequency, prolonged exposure to the radiation will still make a person ill and slowly cause his death.

This machine can be installed into your automobile, or your home, because it can be remote controlled.

This way, the investigator can monitor what you are thinking or when you are driving.

They also can use high frequency radiation to interfere with your thinking process and make you feel sleepy while you are driving to cause a car accident on the highway.

They will do this to get rid of the subject whom they cannot control or they don't like.


And this guy will be charged with murder, or insanity, or is killed by the police or kills himself.

Actually, the guy isn't really crazy, he knows somebody has set him up and it makes him angry, but he just doesn't have the knowledge about the "Thoughts Detecting Machine".

So he never knows what he faces is the invisible enemy.

He is hurt by someone and full of anger in his mind, but has no way to take out his anger on anyone he sees as responsible.

It's just because there is no obvious enemy in front of him to fight with.

By working on him day by day, the subject who be set up to take out his anger on everyone who he meets.

He will appear to be insane to others at the end.

The whole story is very simple to them who know the "Thoughts Detecting Machine", because the subject was just set up by the operators of "Thoughts Detecting Machine".

Alan Yu Lieutenant Colonel Taiwan National Defence Department

Read complete article here :

John St. Clair Akwei

Informant: Gerry Duffett


Marconi Deaths: Deadly Electronic Weapons?

"Did 22 SDI Researchers ALL Commit Suicide?"

AUTO ACCIDENT--Professor Keith Bowden, 45, computer scientist, Essex University.

In March 1982 Bowden's car plunged off a bridge, into am abandoned rail yard.

His death was listed as an accident.

MISSING PERSON--Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Godley, 49, defense expert, head of work-study unit at the Royal Military College of Science.

Godley disappeared in April 1983.

His father bequeathes him more than $60,000, with the proviso that he claim it be 1987.

He never showed up and is presumed dead.

SHOTGUN BLAST--Roger Hill, 49, radar designer and draftsman, Marconi.

In March 1985 Hill allegedly killed himself with a shotgun at the family home.

DEATH LEAP--Jonathan Walsh, 29, digital-communications expert assigned to British Telecom's secret Martlesham Health research facility (and to GEC, Marconi's parent firm).

In November 1985 Walsh allegedly fell from his hotel room while working on a British Telecom project in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

He had expressed a fear for his life.

Verdict: Still in question.

DEATH LEAP--Vimal Dajibhai, 24, computer-software engineer (worked on guidance system for Tigerfish torpedo), Marconi Underwater Systems.

In August 1986 Dajibhai's crumpled remains were found 240 feet below the Clifton suspension bridge in Bristol.

The death has not been listed as a suicide.

DECAPITATION--Ashaad Sharif, 26, computer analyst, Marconi Defense Systems.

In October 1986, in Bristol, Sharif allegedly tied one end of a rope around a tree and the other end around his neck, then drove off in his car at high speed.

Verdict: Suicide.

SUFFOCATION--Richard Pugh, computer consultant for the Ministry of Defense.

In January 1987 Pugh was found dead, wrapped head-to- toe in rope that was tied four times around his neck.

The coroner listed his death as an accident due to a sexual experiment gone awry.

ASPHYXIATION--John Brittan, Ministry of Defense tank batteries expert, Royal Military College of Science.

In January 1987 Brittan was found dead in a parked car in his garage.

The engine was still running.

Verdict: Accidental death.

DRUG OVERDOSE--Victor Moore, 46, design engineer, Marconi Space Systems.

In February 1987 Moore was found dead of a drug overdose.

His death is listed as a suicide.

ASPHYXIATION--Peter Peapell, 46, scientist, Royal Military College of Science.

In February 1987 Peapell was found dead beneath his car, his face near the tail pipe, in the garage of his Oxfordshire home.

Death was due to carbon-monoxide poisoning, although test showed that the engine had been running only a short time.

Foul play has not been ruled out.

ASPHYXIATION--Edwin Skeels, 43, engineer, Marconi.

In February 1987 Skeels was found dead in his car, a victim of carbon-monoxide poisoning.

A hose led from the exhaust pipe.

His death is listed as a suicide.

AUTO ACCIDENT--David Sands, satellite projects manager, Eassams (a Marconi sister company).

Although up for a promotion, in March 1987 Sands drove a car filled with gasoline cans into the brick wall of an abandoned cafe.

He was killed instantly.

Foul play has not been ruled out.

AUTO ACCIDENT--Stuart Gooding, 23, postgraduate research student, Royal Military College of Science.

In April 1987 Gooding died in a mysterious car wreck in Cyprus while the College was holding military exercises on the island.

Verdict: Accidental death.

AUTO ACCIDENT--George Kountis, experienced systems analyst at British Polytechnic.

In April 1987 Kountis drowned after his BMW plunged into the Mersey River in Liverpool.

His death is listed as a misadventure.

SUFFOCATION--Mark Wisner, 24, software engineer at Ministry of Defense experimental station for combat aircraft.

In April 1987 Wisner was found dead in his home with a plastic bag over his head.

At the inqust, his death was rules an accident due to a sexual experiment gone awry.

AUTO ACCIDENT--Michael Baker, 22, digital-communications expert, Plessey Defense Systems.

In May 1987 Baker's BMW crashed through a road barrier, killing the driver.

Verdict: Misadventure.

HEART ATTACK--Frank Jennings, 60, electronic-weapons engineer for Plessey.

In June 1987 Jennings allegedly dropped dead of a heart attack.

No inquest was held.

DEATH LEAP--Russel Smith, 23, lab technician at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment.

In January 1988 Smith's mangled body was found halfway down a cliff in Cornwall.

Verdict: Suicide.

ASPHYXIATION--Trevor Knight, 52, computer engineer, Marconi Space and Defense Systems.

In March 1988 Knight was found dead in his car, asphyxiated by fume from a hose attached to the tail pipe.

The death was ruled a suicide.

ELECTROCUTION--John Ferry, 60, assistant marketing director for Marconi.

In August 1988 Ferry was found dead in a company-owned apartment, the stripped leads of an electrical cord in his mouth.

Foul play has not been ruled out.

ELECTROCUTION--Alistair Beckham, 50, software engineer, Plessey.

In August 1988 Beckham's lifeless body was found in the garden shed behind his house.

Bare wires, which ran to a live main, were wrapped around his chest.

Now suicide note was found, and police habe not ruled out foul play.

ASPHYXIATION--Andrew Hall, 33, engineering manager, British Aero- space.

In September 1988 Hall was found dead in his car, asphyxiated by fumes from a hose that was attached to the tail pipe.

Friends said he was well liked, had everything to live for.

Verdict: Suicide.

Informant: Gerry Duffett


This reminds me of the "54 Dead Scientists" story from 2 years ago....it went around the globe.


Here's some websites on RFID chips that were thought to be destined for passports, licenses, etc.




State-Sponsored Terror Campaigns

Mark Rich

MarkRich @Rich-essence.com


State-Sponsored Terror Campaigns
The Hidden Evil

This document is dedicated to the known & unknown people who have been driven to suicide or have committed acts of violence as a result of Covert Action & being harassed by Organized Vigilante Stalking groups.

It is my goal to make their operations as visible as possible.

Due to the events that I have witnessed & read about,

I have concluded that it would be in my best interest to make as many people aware of my situation as possible.

To that end, I have created this document so that if I, or a member of my family, am killed, framed, setup, institutionalized, incarcerated, disappear, appear to have committed suicided, driven to homelessness, have an "accident", or otherwise neutralized, this document will provide testimony to what really happened.

"End Quote"


I am currently staying at the residence mentioned below.

I am not able to work for the last 7 months due to the stroke I experienced in September 2006

Even coming to a "shelter" because you are in "distress" the harassment here from other residents is a little bizzare.

I am currently applying, thru my doctor, for O.D.S.P.

Ontario Disability Support Payments

Native Mens Residence
Na-Me-Res Outreach Services
22 Vaughan Road
Toronto, ON M6G 2N1

Message from Gerry Duffett

gerryduffett47 @yahoo.com
gerryduffett @fastmail.ca


UK Live webchat - Wednesday 23 May, 1000 BST to discuss human rights in the modern world, with Baroness Ashton, Under-Secretary of State. Get your questions in to the minister responsible, Baroness Ashton of Upholland.


Please sign Mr Tahamis petition online for the UK government, if you are not from uk, use postcode NW97QA http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/EMweapons/

And still: PETITION TO Hong Kong


Monika Stoces

Help!!! S.O.S !!!

Abuse of Technology and Psychotronic Weapons on Humans Worldwide!!!

Missbrauch von Mikrowellentechnologie und Psychothronexperimenten!!!



SOS: Non-lethal weapons


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