Law-Enforcement Technology

Is SWAT Responsible?

I received an email stating that the people behind my harassment are members of SWAT misusing classified technology against innocent civilians.

The Email:
Subj: law-enforcement technology
Date: 11/22/2004 7:24:11 PM Eastern Standard Time

You are being misled, probably by corrupt police officers misusing technology against you.

I am in a situation similar to yours in which corrupt law- enforcement officers misusing law-enforcement technology against me. At first I did not know what the technology was and just like you I thought it was some type of sound technology.

If you want to find out who is misusing law-enforcement technology against you, first you need to find out the names of the special operations squad or SWAT team of the Police Department that the corrupt law-enforcement officer that is harassing you work at. I can almost guaranteed those of the officers misusing law-enforcement technology against you.

The technology is most probably classified millimeter wave bio radar used for hostage terrorist situations. The technology became available to law-enforcement in 1987 when President Reagan put together The Justice Department program in which military technology would be brought to law-enforcement to flight crime. It is unfortunate that many corrupt law-enforcement officers in various law-enforcement agencies, always the special operations squad and SWAT team of the various law-enforcement agencies are misusing classified millimeterwave bioradar against innocent citizens for their own illegal purposes. The FBI is not involved except that they have not control of the millimeterwave technology and how is being used by the special operations squad and SWAT teams of the various law-enforcement agencies.

There is no secret police except for the special operations squad and SWAT teams that sometimes keep their name secret and many are misusing millimeterwave bioradar. The ones that keep their name secret from the public are most probably once misusing millimeterwave technology.

The millimeterwave technology that the law-enforcement agencies have is embedded in a SUN UltraSPARC dual processor computer with a passive millimeterwave camera such as Millivision's (but not necessarily Millivision's) to scan in a persons naturally emitted electromagnetic energy at about 95GHz. Electromagnetic energy which is converted to electric currents is processed into the millimeterwave analysis of passive signature (MAPS). The millimeterwave technology then uses horn and antenna arrays and active millimeterwave radar to interact with your nervous system. They can communicate directly to you through your nervous system without others knowing and that is what you thought was sound technology.

A similar technology was used by the FBI in a Lima Peru hostage terrorist situation. Look it up on the Internet. You will find that a few of the hostages were warned electronically without anyone else knowing when a strike by the military was coming in what to do. They were using the same capabilities of millimeterwave radar that you thought was sound technology.

Go on the Internet and see if you can find the law-enforcement agency that the corrupt law-enforcement officer that harassing you worked for. If you can, download as many pictures and information as you can about the agency. Then try to get the names off the special operations squad officers or SWAT team members and you will have been names of the officers misusing technology against you. I am much more information but I am in the process of prenatal law-enforcement officers that are misusing against me to Justice. Only when you have enough information will the FBI assist you. The FBI is not in a hurry to make the technology public and the special operations squad officers or SWAT team members are aware of that and think that they can get away with violating federal law by misusing the technology against innocent citizens. The technology will be in every doctor's office in the future. It is designed to manipulate electrical systems of humans from as far away as 2500 mi. plus. It is my guess that the person who previously gave you information and misled you is possibly one of the corrupt officers misusing millimeterwave technology against you.

Do not use my name or e-mail name in any information you put on the web because I am trying to take care my own situation right now.

Chemtrails and Terror in Age of Nuclear War




Apparatus for audibly communicating speech using the radio frequency hearing effect

United States Patent 6,587,729

Apparatus for audibly communicating speech using the radio frequency hearing effect

United States Patent 6,587,729

From the International Committee on Offensive Microwave Weapons.

Dear Friends, Acquaintances, and Strangers:

For sixteen years now I have been investigating claims of torture by a technology so far advanced that some prisoners in the Electronic Concentation Camp System begin to believe the lies fed to them by their interrogators to the effect that the technology has been transferred to the United States by aliens enslaved by us and working under a mountain in New Mexico. Of course, when the prisoner takes a story like this to an authority figure, he or she is packed off to an asylum for psychiatric observation. Since the most startling affect the American torture equipment produces is the voices of the interrogators right in the prisoners head, without any physical presence, the prisoner is immediately labeled as a schizophrenic.

A prisoner in the Electronic Concentration Camp System has recently discovered a recent Air Force patent for equipment which can be used to produce voices in anyone's head, including yours. I have read and reread the subject patent and while it represents the Model T of the torture equipment presently being used on prisoners in the ECCS, it is certainly and inarguably EVIDENCE that everyone who hears voices is not insane, and claims of US Govt torture with space-age weapons cannot be dismissed with a sneer, as they have been for the last 28 years.

I suppose you all know that US patents are available at http://www.uspto.gov . Do a search on patent number 6,587,729. I regard this as the most important breakthrough in all of my years of research. What do you think?

Harlan Girard




Apparatus for audibly communicating speech using the radio frequency hearing effect







The Zombie Effect

Mind control: The Zombie Effect - 11/10/2004 20:09


Methods of latent impact on the human psyche are no longer secret. Academician Igor Smirnov of the Russian Academy of Sciences is often referred to as a father of psychotropic weapons. At the age of 28, he became the head of a laboratory in Russia-s 1st Medical Institute. He is the author of numerous sensational discoveries. Back then, he was faced with a task to "create" human-geniuses, who would be capable of becoming great scientists, magnificent inventors. Smirnov main goal was to make those people use the reserves of their own psyche. His first top-secret experiment in psycho-reconnaissance was carried out in 1984. Professor Smirnov possesses several dozens patents on various inventions. Nowadays, staff researchers of Russia's Scientific Research Institute continue to conduct in-depth studies of human psyche under Dr. Smirnov's direct guidance.

Methods of latent impact on the human psyche are no longer secret. To allow for the possibility that perpetrators can and do use such methods to manipulate one's conscious for the purpose of creating terrorists-kamikazes, stated Dr. Smirnov in his interview to MK. Professor Igor Smirnov was in fact the world's first man to get into the human mind by means of a computer.

Back then, society was completely unaware of the so-called Shakhids. Now, the most logical comes to mind: what triggers a person to commit such act of violence? How come the instinct of self-preservation fails to block one's inner urge to destroy oneself? This was the main topic of my discussion with Dr. Smirnov.

The explosive oblivion

How is it possible to erase one's memory?

There exists an entire array of possible methods. Majority of them are psychochemical. Electroshock can also have the same effect on a person. However, nothing works better than the so-called semantic influence, when a person is given certain orders that he then executes without hesitation. Personally, I wouldn't want to go into details on such matters. As a result of such "outside influence", a person's "self" gets totally blocked. Instead, another "self" is being created. That second identity in turn can have a number of various programmed urges, such as killing oneself.

Are there many people in our country capable of carrying out such procedures?

I can't say for sure. Obviously, the knowledge acquired at school is not enough to carry out such experiments. I think the amount of such specialists is rather limited.

Do you think you could restore people's memory?

This is a very hard procedure. Thing is, those people will have difficult time recollecting that lost time fragment that had been torn out of their lives. We did manage to help several our patients to regain their memory partially.

How to "cure" one's mind

Many still remain rather doubtful about the fact that it is possible to affect one's behavior while surpassing his conscious. In reality however, people have been doing this for a hundred years already.

As far as I know, we are the first in this field of research.

Interesting as it may seem, but you are right. Similar methods have been born in Russia and American almost simultaneously; in Russia however, they emerged 9 months earlier. Our department at the institute was in fact the first in the world. American laboratory in Michigan however is our main rival nowadays. In 1993, Americans established a company especially for me; I am currently its board member. Due to my presumptions however, I refused to stay there for good. Many of my colleagues have immigrated a long time ago and now lead pretty comfortable lives there. Unfortunately, our inventions are not in high demand in Russia.

Is it possible to defeat terrorism?

Only informational war is capable of defeating terrorism completely. And we possess this weapon. Peoples actions can in fact be controlled by unnoticed acoustic influence. Look-it-s easy. All I have to do is record my voice, apply special coding, which converts my voice to mere noise and afterwards, all we have to do is record some music on top of that. The words are indistinguishable to your conscious; however, your unconscious can hear them clearly. If we were to play this music over and over again on the radio for instance, people will soon start developing paranoia. This is the simplest weapon.

An image can also be coded. After 12-14 minutes the information begins to get into one's conscious. Our department is the only one in the world that possesses such instrument of informational war. However, no one seems to be interested in it.

Several years ago you were trying to lobby a law that would protect people from unendorsed interventions into one man's psyche. Where is this bill now?

Mr. Lopatin from the Security Committee used to work on the bill concerning informational-psychological security back in 2000. However, he is no longer a delegate; and the law is nonexistent. Russians remain unprotected from such concealed message that could be "hiding" in the media. There is no state control over the works in psychotechnologies whatsoever. In the meantime, USA approaches this subject much better. More than 140 universities conduct thorough research in this area.


Informant: kh.mueller


Folter und Mord mit Strahlenwaffen in der BR Deutschland

R. Dieckman
Burgwall 29
23966 Wismar
Tf. 0384 / 701786

Internationale Gesellschaft für Elektrosmog
Postfach 1223
83013 Rosenheim

Betr.: Folter und Mord mit Strahlenwaffen in der BR Deutschland

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren!

Ich informiere Sie über die Situation bei Menschenrechtsverletzungen mit Strahlenwaffen in BR Deutschland. In Ostdeutschland wird seit der Wende mit Strahlung gefoltert und gemordet. Es wird mit satellitengebundenen Strahlenwaffen in die Wohnungen geschossen und die Zielpersonen werden mit Strahlung zu Tode gequält. Besonders in der Nacht kommen vorwiegend auf das Herz und den Kopf fast tödliche Schläge oder es wird starke stechende Strahlung eingeschaltet. Technisch ist mir hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit folgende Realisierung anzunehmen: Die Zielpersonen werden mit satellitengebundenen Strahlwaffen (Bioradar) im Hochfrequenzen Bereich noch durch 20 m bis 30 m dicken Mauern geortet und erscheinen als helle Schatten auf Monitoren. Gleichzeitig werden die Wohnungen abgehört. Die Zielpersonen können dann mit satellitengebundenen Strahlwaffen von verschiedenen Satteliten aus mit gebündelter Energie in unterschiedlichen Intensitäten und Frequenzen beschossen werden. Die Zielpersonen werden vorwiegend in der Nacht angegriffen. Ziele der Angriffe sind wahrscheinlich sofortiger Herzstillstand oder systematische Störung des Nervensystem, die zum Selbstmord der Zielperson bzw. Einlieferung in die Psychiatrie führen soll.

Wahrscheinlich werden auch über satellitengebundene Strahlenwaffen Hypnosemethoden eingesetzt, die durch Bewusstseinsveränderung Selbststörung oder zur Tötung anderer Personen führen sollen. Ich war Forschungsoffizier in Dresden und bin seit der Wende systematisch in unvorstellbarer Weise mit Strahlenwaffen zusammengeschlagen worden, immer wieder bis an die Grenze zum Tod. Eine veränderte Strahlungssituation konnte ich erstmals Anfang 91 feststellen. Die Strahlung war physisch fühlbar, später konnte ich auch teilweise messtechnisch Veränderungen der Strahlensituation nachweisen. Den ersten Zusammenbruch hatte ich im Mai 1993 in Dresden. Das war ein fünftägiger Todeskampf mit nahezu ununterbrochenen Schlägen auf das Herz und den Kopf und mit starker Strahlung. Danach folgte ein 5- Wochen-Krankenhausaufenthalt. Die Angriffe gingen auch danach systematisch weiter. Im Februar 1996 folgt ein weiterer Krankenhausaufenthalt nach ununterbrochenen furchtbaren Schlägen auf das Herz. 1997 waren die Angriffe besonders schlimm und führten im Oktober 1997 zu einer Flucht nach Kopenhagen und Schweden. Hier wurde aber von verschiedener Botschaften keine Hilfe gewährt. Auch 1998 bin ich systematisch angegriffen worden. Die Angriffe dauern bis zum gegenwärtigen Zeitpunkt an. Ich habe national und international eine Vielzahl von Organisationen, Botschaften unw. informiert. Die deutsche Gerichte – Staatsanwaltschaft, Bundesgerichtshof, Verfassungsgericht – reagieren nicht auf Strafanzeigen. Auch das jetzige Bundeskanzleramt unter Kanzler Schröder hat nicht auf eine entsprechende Information geantwortet. Der Internationalen Gesellschaft für Elektrosmogforschung in D-83013 Rosenheim ist die Problematik ebenfalls bekannt. Nach meiner Einschätzung überlebt eine große Zahl der Zielpersonen die Angriffe nicht. Inwieweit es zu Dauerschäden bei den Überlebenden kommt, müsste untersucht werden. In dem Zusammenhang ist der Umstand wichtig, dass seit der Wende in Ostdeutschland die Zahl der tödlichen Herzinfarkte auf fast das Doppelte gestiegen ist.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

R. Dieckmann

Nachricht von Waldemar Lotz


Linksammlung zum Thema Mindcontrol

Hier also meine Erfahrungen...

Axel Brüggemann


Mindshield against Psychotronics

I have a far more practical and extremely effective method because it sends the beams back to sender!!!!

If you use the stainless steel metals (en jalousie - type of venetian style)that you can find in certain coffee machines, for draining cups (the cimbali coffee machines have them). The blades are angled in such a way that if you point them in the direction of the beams they send them back to sender!!!

Have fun with the perpetrators and let me know how you get on!! If you need more clarifications, do not hesitate to contact me.

The free maroon


This helmit is designed to provide shielding against psychotronic weapons. It is a new design and is yet to be tested fully. It seems that it will be effective for some mind control survivors. It has been for me.


- copper mesh 55mesh/inch
- bronze mesh 20mesh/inch
- hat to hide the helmit if needed
- staples and or fast drying glue
- inner lining for comfort

Make the helmit to cover the head above the ears. First make 4 layers of coppermesh and then 4 layers of bronze. Build it up from strips of about 2 inch width. Overlap the strips by about 1/3 inch. Make it comfortable with inner lining.

The main drawback of this design is that it is quite heavy. If you are sitting still you can attach a hook to the ceiling and use something elastic to hold some or all of the weight.

Good luck and let me how effective it is for you.

Ash Shield

Communications Age Syndrome


The weapon can actually fire neural cells that communicate sound. That is, the cells that take the vibrational energy through the ear mechanism are neural cells that interpret this sound wave data.

Long story short, the machine can actually be used to talk to a person, like a cell phone without the phone.

If you notice in the press a lot of religious "loonies" committing crimes because "God told them to" it's likely the machine at work.

As for the large number of inconsequential victims voicing concerns on the 'net, you should know that they could be kept from communicating if that was necessary--or made to communicate if that would undermine a clear picture of the political forces behind the weapon's use.

Kevin Alexander


The Montauk Project and the Philadelphia Experiment


Informant: userde6253

MindFreedom Shield Program


Walter Stanley Tribe



Big Brother - Wie wir alle ausspioniert werden

Big Brother - Du bist nie allein

Existenz von ECHELON erstmals offiziell bestätigt

Duncan Campbell 28.05.1999 (!) - Das war noch vor 3 Jahren, wie sieht es wohl heute aus?

Direktor des australischen Defence Signals Directorate (DSD), Martin Brady, äußerte sich öffentlich über UKUSA-Spionage-Allianz.

Australien, das als eines von fünf Ländern das Echelon genannte Überwachungssystem betreibt, hat nun die Existenz dieses Systems offiziell bestätigt.

Internationale Telefongespräche, Fax- und Datenübermittlungen werden mit diesem System abgefangen und nach Stichworten durchforstet. Es ermöglicht nicht nur der australischen Regierung, Auslandsgespräche der eigenen Bürger abzuhören, die Signal Intelligence (Sigint) Dienste der anderen Teilnehmerländer können das ebenfalls tun. Teile der australischen Enthüllungen betreffen nun neue Regeln und Einschränkungen, wonach Auslandsdienste nur mehr in genau umrissenen Fällen australische Bürger abhören dürfen. Europäische Länder müssen sich damit nicht nur die Frage stellen, welche Relevanz Echelon für Wirtschaftsspionage hat, sondern auch, ob die Privatsphäre der Europäer denselben Schutz genießt wie die der Australier.

In einer Serie von Briefen an das Programm "Sunday" des australischen Senders "Channel 9" eröffnete Martin Brady, Leiter des Defence Signals Directorate (DSD), Einblicke in die Arbeitsweise des australischen Teils von Echelon. Millionen von Botschaften werden stündlich abgefangen und in ein "Dictionary" genanntes Computersystem gespeist. Die Ergebnisse der Analyse werden danach in einem auf dem Internet Protokoll basierenden Netz allen Teilnehmerländern - USA, Vereinigtes Königreich, Neuseeland, Kanada, Australien -zur Verfügung gestellt.

Bradys Organisation DSD betreibt das Satellitenkontrollzentrum Pine Gap in der Nähe von Alice Springs in der heissen Mitte Australiens. Seit mehr als 30 Jahren werden von dort aus die Abhörsatelliten der CIA, genannt Rhyolite, Aquacade und Magnum, kontrolliert. Nach Jahren der Kontroverse behauptet die australische Regierung nun, die volle Kontrolle über die Abhöranlage zu haben. Ein rein amerikanisches Kommunikationszentrum innerhalb der Basis sei geschlossen worden und die australischen Mitarbeiter könnten nun alle Informationen erhalten, die auch den CIA-Mitarbeitern zugänglich sind.

Die Enthüllungen sind teilweise durch wachsende internationale Besorgnis über Abhöraktivitäten von Geheimdiensten, teilweise durch innenpolitische Gründe motiviert. Das DSD legt Wert darauf zu vermitteln, daß Inländer betreffende Abhöraktionen streng limitiert sind und genauestens kontrolliert werden. Martin Brady:

"...to ensure that [our] activities do not impinge on the privacy of Australians, DSD operates under a detailed classified directive approved by Cabinet and known as the Rules on Sigint and Australian Persons".

Mit seinen Eröffnungen ist Brady aus der Linie der anderen, befreundeten Geheimdienste ausgeschert. Das hat höchstwahrscheinlich bei seinen amerikanischen und britischen Gegenübern Irritationen hervorgerufen. Die UKUSA Partnerschaft, deren Existenz zuvor von keiner offiziellen Stelle zugegeben worden war, hat es in den letzten Jahrzehnten zu verhindern gewußt, daß die Bürger dieser Nationen etwas über ihre Sigint-Tätigkeit erfahren.

In Europa betreiben Deutschland, Grossbritannien, Frankreich, die Niederlande, Schweden und die Schweiz großangelegte Sigint-Operationen. Über Regeln zum Schutz der Privatsphäre ähnlich den australischen haben offizielle Stellen bisher jedoch noch keine Aussagen gemacht.

Der neuseeländische Autor Nick Hager hatte 1996 einen detaillierten Report über Echelon und UKUSA veröffentlicht. Im STOA-Report von 1997 für das Europaparlament war Echelon erstmals in einem europäischen, offiziellen Dokument erwähnt worden. Im jüngst veröffentlichten Update "Interception Capabilities 2000" sind zahlreiche weitere Details an Informationen und Bildern über Echelon zu erfahren.

Informant: Davor Baggio

Teil 2 unter http://mindcontrol.twoday.net/stories/389390/

Existenz von ECHELON erstmals offiziell bestätigt

Da hört doch wer mit ...

Informant: Davor Baggio

Teil 1 unter http://mindcontrol.twoday.net/stories/389406/

Amerikaner spionieren europäische Unternehmen aus


Informant: Davor Baggio

Amerikanischer Geheimdienst in Deutschland aktiv


Informant: Davor Baggio

Eine Spionage-Software einmal nicht von Microsoft


Informant: Davor Baggio

Herkunft und Missbrauch von Geheimtechnologien

von Al Bielek

Informant: Davor Baggio


Interview with Al Bielek 1991

Interview with Al Bielek

Al Bielek and his claims about The Philadelphia Experiment



Der Artikel im Anhang sollte, auch mit der Gefahr, dass dieser Artikel schon bekannt ist, wieder in Erinnerung gerufen werden

PATENT DE 10222439 A1

Diese Bezeichnung einfach eintragen in:


Roland Leyser

"Only the small secrets need to be protected. The large ones are kept secret by public incredulity."

Begrenzte Kriege haben auch ihr Gutes: bestimmte Kreise machen gute Geschäfte.Nach Reichtum gibt es nur noch eine Steigerung der Lust:


Früher haben die Armen die Reichen bekämpft; jetzt bekämpfen die Reichen die Armen.

The evil is always and everywhere.

Silent subliminal presentation system,877,027.UREF.&OS=ref/4,877,027&RS=REF/4,877,027

Informant: userde6253


Spooky Boys with Spooky Toys


Informant: billder

NSA's Subliminal Posthypnotic Scripts


Informant: waltertribe1

'Big Brother' gets new binoculars

Authorities insist that this is for our own good

If you're an aspiring performer who wants to be on the screen, Chicago might be your kind of town. In fact, virtually everyone in the Windy City will soon be seen--by various police authorities. In a leap into the abyss of the surveillance society, Chicago authorities are installing a web of spy cameras linked to a sophisticated new computer program that not only will view everyone who appears on various streets, but also will alert police agents when anyone is "acting suspicious." What is "suspicious?" Wandering around aimlessly; lingering outside a building; pulling your car over to the shoulder of a highway; leaving a package in a doorway - and other common acts you and I have done a thousand times. "What we're doing is a totally new concept," says the director of this intrusive technology. "It's going to take us to a whole new level." I'll say! The snoopervision cameras can zoom in on you and follow you from camera to camera, recording your every move, whether or not you're doing anything wrong. Faceless bureaucrats will sit in an undisclosed, fortified building, monitoring the screens and dispatching armed police to accost loiterers, aimless wanderers, and other "suspicious" characters. Not only will the police place these so-called "smart" cameras around town, but so will housing, transportation, and other city agencies - even street sweepers! - making Chicagoans the most-watched people in America. Orwell would be so proud!

Of course, the authorities insist that this is for our own good, claiming we'll all be safer. Chicago's new surveillance director says: "The value we'll gain in public safety far outweighs any perception by the community that this is Big Brother who's watching."


Aftermath News
Top Stories - November 1st, 2004

Uncle Sam Is Watching You

Reports of the death of TIA were greatly exaggerated.

In October 2003, Congress voted to end Total Information Awareness (TIA), a Pentagon plan designed to analyze vast amounts of computer data about all of us in order to search for patterns of terrorist activity. At the time, the vote in Congress seemed one of the most notable victories for privacy since September 11. Computers record virtually everything we do these days— whom we call or e-mail, what books and magazines we read, what Web sites we search, where we travel, which videos we rent, and everything we buy by credit card or check. The prospect of the military and security agencies constantly trolling through all of this information about innocent citizens in hopes of finding terrorists led Congress to ban spending on the program. Admittedly, much of the credit for TIA's defeat has to go to the Pentagon's public relations department, which not only gave the program its less than reassuring name, but also came up with a logo consisting of a pyramid topped by a large, digitized eye and the Latin motto Scientia Est Potentia, or "Knowledge Is Power." George Orwell and Michel Foucault could hardly have done better. It also helped that the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which developed the plan, was headed by John Poindexter, who had been convicted of lying to Congress in the Iran-contra affair, and whose conviction had been overturned on appeal only on a technicality. The vote to kill TIA came shortly after DARPA floated the idea of creating a market for betting on terrorist attacks and other disasters. Still, the fact that Congress rejected TIA seemed to suggest that it was willing to stand up for privacy even in the face of the threat of catastrophic terrorism.

But reports of the death of TIA were greatly exaggerated.


Aftermath News
Top Stories - November 1st, 2004

The New World Order look for the NYPD




The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave


Informant: Biophilos


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