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Telepathic Torture

Every human being has natural telepathic and psychic abilities that have, over many, many generations, atrophied. Most of us never consider what it would be like to become telepathic all of a sudden, or start having to process information that does not come from our five senses. I think when most people consider these abilities, they imagine connections to higher frequencies, spirit guides, angels or God, as these abilities were designed in us to connect us to universal knowledge and guide us through our lives.

So what if someone found a way to open people up to these abilities suddenly, and then overwhelm these psychic connections with people around you with negativity? What if there were people who voluntarily became a part of a telepathic network and chose certain people to attack in this way?

The laws of the telepathic realms are simple. You hear what thought forms are directed at you, and everything is translated into language your ego can understand. This was designed so people wouldn’t be bothered with things that weren’t directed at them and break the language barrier. When you are being tortured by people around you who mean to overwhelm you with negativity, it is truly the only way to torture a person spiritually.

Who would do this? Many people know about Serial Ritual Abuse and Satanic torture. Most everything I’ve read has been about people who hand their children over to this kind of abuse, which creates Dissociative Identity Disorder brought on through triggering etc. This coming from the Satanists themselves, who are genetically dissociative and can be completely possessed by subconscious entities. From my experiences, people who voluntarily (are paid) to become involved in these telepathic torture campaigns become so dissociative about what they are involved in that, they too become possessed and their conciousness is used to project thought forms to people who are targeted, which could be described only as subhuman.

After decades of experimentation, how this is achieved is simply a matter of knowing what part of the brain would open people up to telepathic and psychic information. Whether it is nanotechnology or neurotoxins really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that it is possible and happening all over the world.

In January 2002, the National Association of Mental Illness’ website stated that in order to be diagnosed with schizophrenia a person had to experience a complete break with reality for 6 months or more. In May 2002, this information was changed to say that a person only had to hear voices and be paranoid in order to be diagnosed. This information was posted with a grant from Eli Lilly, who, it is no coincidence, manufactures medications that supposedly treat schizophrenia.

N.A.M.I., who is supposed to be an advocacy group for people with mental illness, broaden their diagnoses definitions, thus marginalizing thousands of people who are not mentally ill in the least.

George Bush and the Republicans are making plenty of money off the spiritual torture of people all over the world. If you are being tortured and cannot figure out why, think about this…by choosing people they feel are genetically incapable of the kind of possession they are and bringing your experience of reality down to it’s lowest common denominator, which is them, they keep you from carrying higher, conscious frequencies, which humans were designed to carry. If, by definition, a human being is capable of feeling love, compassion and empathy, they could not be human. Certainly their behavior and way of life is subhuman. It seems absurd to me that the human race is afraid of a few thousand ‘people’ with genetic D.I.D. that would like nothing more than to rid the earth of anyone who can think consciously about the things they do in their lives. Subconsciously, their spirit energies are scary, but how their energy translates to consciousness is pure stupidity. It doesn’t really matter if it is they themselves or any of the people that they get involved in a program of their conception, they seem of one subconscious mind. Absurd, moronic and ridiculous insults that mean nothing except to damage your spirit and take up every ounce of your mental energy so you have nothing left for yourself.

Love and strength to all of you being tortured. Don’t lose sight of the fact that there is a reason, and it is spiritual. There is a spirit energy that is meant to be for everyone that they are stealing through us with this and other programs.

Jennifer Erin Barber






Terror mit Laserattacken

Ich melde mich heute als ebenfalls von diesem Terror mit meiner Tochter Betroffene.

Bis Dez. 04 lebte ich in H., meine Tochter in L. Da ich nicht weiß, wie lange ich diese Folterungen noch ertrage, bin ich Ende letzten Jahres nach L. übergesiedelt.

Es begann bei uns im Herbst 1999 mit den Laserattacken, nachdem ich zuvor seit 1996 durch Nachbarn mit Bewegungsmeldern in Form diverser Figuren in den Fenstern und Leuchtdioden, ab Frühjahr 1999 Telefonüberwachung und ebenfalls Überwachung der Post, observiert wurde.

Neben der Manipulation div. Haushaltsgeräte, Voltmesser, Fotoapparat, Blutdruckmeßgerät, Fernseher, Auto, el. Schreibmaschine werden wir hauptsächlich mit Mikrowellen, Schall-, akustischen Wellen und Schockwellen, gepulsten, gestreuten, gebündelten Lasern auf übelste Art gefoltert/mißhandelt und zwar rund um die Uhr.

Meine Tochter hat gravierenden beruflichen, ich körperliche Schäden (hohen Blutdruck ab 2000, der nicht in den Griff zu bekommen ist; zuvor normal ohne Medikamente, heute nehme ich 3-4 Mittel), ab 2004 Herzklappenfehler, ab 2005 Extrasystolen, Knochenverformung am li. Handgelenk, abgeschmolzenen Muskel am li. Unterarm, ständige Kniegelenkkapselentzündung am li. Knie, durch ständige Schockwellen nachts auf das Knie, erlitten. Dazu kommen finanzielle Schäden durch Medikamente, Physiotherapie und 2 Umzüge, durch die sich n i c h t s geändert hat, außerdem wird Rufmord begangen.

Egal wo man sich befindet, ob in Bahn, im Auto, in einer anderen Stadt oder im angrenzenden Ausland, man wird bis zur Erträglichkeitsgrenze traktiert, bis man weint.

Ich war in 1999 bei der Staatsanwaltschaft, bei 2 Rechtsanwälten (von denen ich keine Rechnung erhielt) !, bei der Kriminalpolizei, da man auch in meiner Wohnung war, überall wird man als nicht glaubwürdig hingestellt. Ein Kripobeamter sagte mir wörtlich: wer auch zu Ihnen kommt, auch wenn es die Polizei ist, er wird nichts hören und nichts sehen“, das sagte mir alles. Außerdem stand in 1999 ein ganz kurzer Artikel: „Die Bundeswehr prüft den weichen Laser, ob er zu Verkrüppelungen führt“ in der Hannoverschen Allgemeinen Zeitung. Ich habe das Gefühl, daß solange geprüft, Leute ausgebildet werden, bis man verstirbt.

Bin gespannt, ob mein Brief bei Ihnen ankommt, auch das kommt vor.

Nachricht von Ruth Gill

Russisches System der "elektromagnetischen biologischen Kriegsführung"


Nachricht von Ruth Gill

Neue Wasserstandsmeldung vom Petitionsausschuß des Deutschen Bundestags



FLUORIDATION: Mind Control of the Masses

Nexus is a respectable, if somewhat offbeat, publication. Some excerpts:

"I say this in all earnestness and sincerity of a scientist who has spent nearly 20 years research into the chemistry, Bio-chemistry, physiology and pathology and pathology of fluorine: any person who drinks artificially fluorinated water for a period of one year or more will never again be the same person, mentally or physically."

Bob Avery


Mind Control of the Masses

Fluorine-based compounds in pharmaceuticals and chemicals are known to have deadly side effects, yet vested interests in big business and government persist in poisoning the environment as well as our minds and bodies.

By Ian E. Stephens

From an article in Nexus Magazine August/September 95

Despite damning evidence on fluoride toxicity, bureaucracies and multinationals continue to pollute our drinking water and mess with our physical and mental health

Extracted with permission from his 1987 self-published booklet
The Dickinson Statement: A Mind-Bogging Thesis

Part 1

This story has a beginning, it has a middle but it has no ending. The 'ending' will undoubtedly be written in countless hospital records, on tiny gravestones, in the bones of the crippled and on the hearts of thebereaved. Even so, the true cause of the 'ending' will never be advertised. One record that slipped past the establishment net is duplicated herein but, believe it or not, the existence of this 'death certificate' has been denied, in writing and to overseas scientific inquiry, by Australian administrators...


Informant: V




STATE DUMA: Addendum to the Article 6 of the Federal Law "On weapon"

I think some of you will find this historic document of interest.

Harlan Girard

I have received the copy of this document from Vladimir Lotz, a Russian who emigrated to Germany.

Mojmir Babacek
Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

Committee on Security

On the project of Federal law "On Inclusion of Addendum to the Article 6 of the Federal law "On weapon".

The draft of the law proposes an addendum to Article 6 of the Federal law "On Weapons" with a regulation, in accordance with which the circulation, in a civilian and military capacity, of weapons and other objects, the offensive operations of which are based on the use of electro-magnetic radiation, infra-sonic radiation and ultra-sonic radiation, is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The achievements of contemporary science and technology made possible the development of informational and psychophysiological technologies which allow for the creation of means and methods of secret, remote influence on the psyche and physiology of a person or of a group of people. There exists a wide spectrum of means enabling guaranteed change of the way of thinking of a human being, programing of his behavior, interfereing with the adequacy of his reactions or artificially bringing about symptoms of dependency.
Audio-visual influencing is accomplished through auditory or optical channels, when very weak, low-thresholds irritations, which are not consciously perceived, are instilled deeply into the subconsciousness an imperceptibly orient thinking and behavior of a person in a predetermined direction.

With the use of ultrasound, thermal or mechanical effects of elastic waves above 100 Hertz, not perceiveable by a human being, exert influence on thought structures and nervous system, provoke headaches, dizziness, deterioration of the visual perception and breathing, and convulsions which can lead to the loss of consciousness.

The use of infrasound (very low frequencies, below 16 Hz) of low intensity (about 120 decibels) causes nausea, ringing in the ears, deterioration of vision, fear. The sound of medium intensity (until 130 decibels) destructs the digestive system and the brain, causes paralysis and sometimes blindness. The effects of infrasound above 130 decibels may cause in the subject the arrest of heart activity.

The effects of microwave radiation cause false perception of reality, weariness, dizziness, headaches, may cause damage to heart, brain, central nervous system. Phone lines, heating and sewer pipes, TVs, fire signalisation can be used as transmitting antennas.

Practically all around the world the work on "methods of hidden influence upon human psyche" is considered to be a priority and rates among the most important technologies of the 21st century.

Developed countries enter into their military doctrines articles on preferable use of non-lethal weapons as first weapons to be used in local conflicts, which allows to win conflicts with the smallest losses not only among their own soldiers, but as well among the soldiers of the enemy.

At the initiative of the USA, within the framework of NATO, there was a special group formed to work on the perspective use of the means with non-lethal effects and to coordinate the works in this area which are taking place in Great Britain, France, Germany and Danemark.

Generators created by the Institute of Chemical Technologies in Frankfurt (Germany) are intended to be used against big crowds during mass disorders. The radiation of the latest French installation is capable not only to penetrate concrete and armor, but as well to destruct them very fast. According to the information of mass media Great Britain performed, in 1995 in Northern Ireland, field tests of non-lethal weapon for the dispersal of crowds. There are facts suggesting the use of electromagnetic weapon against citizen's establishments in Yugoslavia in 1999.

The creation of offensive infra-sonic devices was declared a priority
in the USA among all the developments in the area of non-lethal weapons. According to the evaluation of military specialists, the U.S. army is capable to stop, with the use of unmanned plane using lethal microwave generator, an enemy ship with landing force several hundreds meters away from the shore. According to the estimate of the Stockholm International Institute of World Problems (SIPRI), in the next two years expenditures of the USA for the development and purchase of non-lethal weapons will exceed one billion of dollars.

At present time the federal law "On Weapons" forbids, at the territory of the Russian Federation, the circulation of weapons, in quality of citizen's or armed services weapon, the offensive operations which are based only on radioactive radiations and biological factors, not taking into consideration the development of informational and psychophysical technologies, the use which allows the hidden influence at the human psyche and physiology. This gap in Russian legislature may be removed by introduction of corresponding addendum to the Federal law "On Weapons" which bears preventive characteristic. It does not interfere with the structure of existing law and fully corresponds to its general intention - defense of life and health of citizens, guaranteeing public safety.

Based on this argumentation we propose that the project of the federal law "On Introduction of Addendum to the Article 6 of the Federal Law "On Weapons", introduced by the Assembly of the Krasnojarsk region, is approved in the first reading.

The chairman of the Comittee

A. I. Gurov

Federal Assembly - Parliament of the Russian Federation
Committte on Security


From November 30, 2000
number 28/3

On the project of Federal Law "On the Introduction of Addendum to Article 6 of the Federal Law "On Weapons""

Having examined the draft of the Federal law "On Introduction of Addendum to Article 6 of the Federal Law "On Weapons", the State Duma Committee on Security has ruled:

1. To recommend that the State Duma adopt the draft of the Federal law "On the Introduction of Addendum to Article 6 of the Federal Law "On Weapons" in the first reading.

2. To appoint as a second speaker on the draft law the deputy of the State Duma Iliukhin Victor Ivanovitsch.

3. To dispatch the actual Resolution with the text of the draft law and all the accompanying documents to the State Duma, for inclusion of the draft law for the plenary session of the State Duma on the 20th of December of the year 2000.

Committee representative

A. I. Gurov

Russian Draft Law with Detailed Descriptions of Psychotronic Weapons, Nov. 2000



Mitteilung von Cyril Smith:

In einer englischen Zeitung: Electromagnetic Hazards and Therapy 2002, Vol. 11 und 13 erschienen zwei Artikel von C. Smith über die Wirkung von Abstrahlungen von Sendern im allgemeinen und über Mobilfunk im speziellen. Cyril Smith schickte einigen von uns dazu einen längeren, noch nicht veröffentlichten Artikel.

Aus Statistiken über die Häufigkeit von Krebs (Leukämie) in der Zeit von 1974 bis 1986 in Schottland und Wales geht hervor, daß diese keineswegs in der Nähe der Sender am höchsten ist und dann mit der Entfernung abnimmt. Vielmehr ist die Krebshäufigkeit in der Nähe der Sender sogar niedriger als kalkuliert, wächst dann aber erheblich an, um zwischen 3 und 5 km etwa das 50-fache zu erreichen und dann bis 10 km (weiter gehen die Statistiken nicht) in etwa konstant zu bleiben.

Das zeigt, daß hier nicht die elektromagnetischen Felder wirken, sondern morphogenetische Felder, die Informationen übertragen. Für diese ist es charakteristisch, daß sie erst unterhalb bestimmter Feldstärken ihre Wirkung entfalten und dann bis zu relativ geringen Intensitäten gleichbleibende Wirkung haben, da sie von der Schärfe der Strukturen (Kohärenz) abhängig sind und nicht von der Intensität (Energie). (Die Lesbarkeit einer Schrift wird bei dickem Strich schlecht und nimmt dann bis zu einer sehr geringen Strichstärke kaum ab, - als kurze Erklärung für etwas kompliziertere Verhältnisse). Da die Statistiken in verschiedenen Gebieten von G. Britannien aufgenommen wurden, müssen sich geographische Effekte herausmitteln.

Ich habe schon vor Jahren festgestellt, daß die Stärke elektromagnetischer Felder in unseren Städten um mehr als das Hunderfache über den Werten liegen, die von Baubiologen angenommen und vorgeschlagen wurden (anhand von Werten die in ländlichen Gegenden üblich sind, nicht anhand von irgendwelchen Untersuchungen).

Die Stärke dieser Felder ist eher ein Schutz gegen morphogenetische Wirkungen als umgekehrt, wenigstens bis zu der Grenze, an denen wirkliche energetische (thermische) Wirkungen auftreten. (in einer lauten Volksmenge verstehen wir nicht, wenn uns jemand beschimpft)

Informationswirkungen haben auch die von H. Baumer und W. Sönning untersuchten SFERICS, die Baumer ganz richtig als Informationen messen konnte, was von der anerkannten Wissenschaft nicht begriffen wird.

Das Thema wird uns weiter beschäftigen, und um die uns vorliegenden Überlegungen von Cyril Smith zu dem Thema wirklich zu verarbeiten, benötige ich noch einige Zeit.




Surveillance & Mind Control Counter Measure Help Advice]
[Radiation Health References and Information] [Comments to Global Organizations]

The Radiation Health Foundation (RHF) is being reorganized under a new company trust [Star Haven Community Services © ] posted at
http://www.rhfweb.com/sh .

Radiation Health References and Information:

* Please note much of the information posted below is based on purely logical and mathematical speculations and have not been proven or tested with experimental equipment and test results. The information is intended to encourage new mathematical and computational models which may encourage new theories and experiments based on them.

Informant: STEAVE

Experiments with microwaves & anti-gravity

Although I don't agree with everything on this page it provides many links of interest to the curious researcher


From marks_mind_control_page

Best Mind Control Documentary Excerpts by Cheryl Welsh


Jede Nacht wird mein Kopf stark bestrahlt

Lieber Herr Lotz,

beide e-mails u. die Post ist angekommen. Vielen herzlichen Dank!

Wenn Sie von mir mal keine Antworten mehr bekommen, weder in einer mündlichen noch einer schriftlichen Form, dann bin ich entweder krank oder ich lebe nicht mehr. Seit der vergangenen Woche wird jede Nacht mein Kopf stark bestrahlt. Es ist wie 1000 Hammerschläge. Morgens vibriert er dann genauso wie der ganze Körper.

Viele liebe Grüße!

Gabriele A.

Messung magnetischer Wechselfelder

Man On Fire : Top-notch mind control

John Creasy, Man On Fire: Top-notch mind control

Informant: Terry Melanson


Janet Morris of the Global Strategy Council, a Washington "think-tank" tied to the CIA and Federal Government, "is a key U.S. liaison between Russian and U.S. officials." Morris is a long time close associate of Col. John B. Alexander, a leading U.S. expert on psychotronics.


The 4\94 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN reported that Janet E. Morris and her husband Christopher C. Morris "have been involved in promoting a 'psycho-correction' technology, developed by a Russian scientist, that is INTENDED TO INFLUENCE BY MEANS OF SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES EMBEDDED IN SOUND OR VISUAL IMAGES." In 1993, "the Morrises organized a meeting in which the technology was demonstrated for U.S. scientists and officials by its Russian inventor."


The persons written of above, Janet & Chris Morris http://www.m2tech.us

Well, they've got much to stand for if there was any question to authenticity.

My question for you is, based on above, have you come across anything of such before?

BTW, Leonda, my wife is Mrs. Morrises niece and judging by what has been reported of her, it's no wonder why we are not ahem, dead yet.

Thoughts anyone on the subjects above the dotted line?



Omega see also:


Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness


Diary of a Dead Man


Informant: Susan

Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula

The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave

by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler


Informant: Dorothee Krien


NSA Mind Control and Psyops


NSA's Subliminal Posthypnotic Scripts

Informant: STEAVE



Ewen and the Licensed Drivers : Science of the Craft


Email to Homeland Security & FBI

I am the Phila PA hi-tech assault with EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) target/victim. Please rescue me from this constant pain and torture. If you construct an EMF-shielded cubicle you could easily save me and all the other targets who are being tortured right now in this country. We have no way out of this but through your intervention.

Please stop leaving me in this position like a decoy so that you can investigate this crime. I need a rescue NOW.




T. Ghostgirl

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.

-Albert Einstein




Brainwashing America

A must read for anyone who has to figure out what is going on in America and why so many people are being so stupid. The answer: they really ARE brainwashed.


Informant: Scott Munson

Chemtrails, HAARP, and Mass Mind Control



Individual Activism agenda/s


At 14:33 -0500 28-02-2005, JOJO wrote:
I'm certainly opting for VERIFIED truth and therefore am more than interested in your site's content (to be explored at length later today.

Further - I wish sooner: but I prefer to work slow and sure - the whole site will be transformed in a more easily to be consulted book, even if static and not endorsing new corrections as the ever renewed site.

It is almost three weeks that we - as Association - are in a storm of polemics that I hope to be useful for every one involved into. We - as Association - can reach an extensive panorama of informations, and also myself - as practising at 360° doctor - I have an unexpected very broad field of ever renewed knowledges. Many of our informations are shared and discussed but instead NOT the more serious ones, since covered either by professional secrecy, or by the fact that they are too much of "High level" significance and possible consequences to be not convenient at all to have them shared at the attention of NOT prepared people.

We do NOT search Truth ("T" capital) since all realities are so wide, so immensely differentiate and changing that every bit of knowledge is only a bit as seen from a keyhole. Any way we offer our "keyhole" but - "crossing fingers" - only to whom can understand that all is only a fragment of reality at this fixed moment.

...Perhaps some of what you have accumulated can assist some of us in attaining the eluisive Credibility our reports lack in public opinion. (without having to take a brain finge-printing test for absolute verification of same.

In the file http://www.aisjca-mft.org/testim.htm there is an inner chapter regarding "Doubts". My professional and Anthropological practice got me aware of many other - favorable - realities as which shown in the ancient and also actual India and Chine well grounded official sciences. This causes many "strange", uncommonly progressive improvements - but only if well managed! - based on an heightening of energy phenomena. Therefore these inner outburst of widening energies have not to be confused with harming attacks from outside (surely you know how highest performances can do the Martial arts trainees). (As M.D. aware of these symptoms I suspect that someone on the lists is in this side and not in the other of damaged persons.)

I beg: don't mix myself and my organization in distrustful companionships.

My best



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