What is the nature of the voice-to-skull sounds?

There are 2 ways, IMO. One is well documented, and that's through microwaves. See the link below:


Microwaves can be deflected rather easily. Also, I would think that some type of radio device tuned into the right frequency could pick up the sounds that a perp would be sending through microwaves. In my experience, when sounds hit your head that have been propagated through microwaves there is an electronic echo. This electronic echo is very similar to the background sound heard when a guitar, or microphone is hooked up to an amplifier.

The second way involves scalar electromagnetics, IMO. This would be unknown technology. I have found ways to counter this technology also, and so far, it has helped me. Is it because the perps are purposely giving me a sense of control? Maybe. Maybe not.

Informant: Angelo Cohen


Calling for Evidence of Multistalking

I now have a case that is definately perp related. I now have evidense of a cover up by police and the perp himself. I need to prove to the court that there is a lot of targeted individuals suffering the same thing.


Criteria to be a witness for my case is :

You must join my site and you must be able to provide a legitimate address.

You must be able to prove your claims and have documented evidense worthy of a trial.

The evidense must be believable by a judge simply claiming to have implants will not be sufficient.

I need records posted to my site that show an ongoing harrassment by street theatre and perp related cover ups. And maybe a few witnesses as well who are reliable citizens.

The Perps have upgraded their attacks and I desparately need to prove multistalking exists or I get fried to the full extent of freemason law. As they get more sophisticated to win I need a sophisticated defense. They have chosen to create evidense that I hit his car and the black paint proves it. This is manufactured evidense after the fact he hit my car first either by breaking in and hitting his car with my door or using black paint to prove I hit his door as well. My website will prove that the perps are sophistigated and will manufacture evidense in the case. What I need to prove is the timeline that my evidense of multistalking was not manufactured to win the case. I have proof of the website and ongoing harrassment through the years way before July 6 2005. I need to prove that the Canadian government is so corrupted that people are silenced to cover up obvious attrocities.

From copernicus122223



Get Ready for the USSA


Those who control this technology have destroyed the productive existence I once had. My primary purpose in life is now to help expose those responsible. Can you suggest specific actions that might be effective in achieving this goal? dave01588

I think the first question we must ask is to what extent are those victims who are competent (not just some victims who are chosen to verbalize their experiences in order to discredit other real targets) able to

1) communicate to one another consistently

2) maintain a steady source of income, or have an "endowment" to survive from.

The real question being which victims have attackers who are willing to allow them to make efficacious moves against the evil people with the weapon.

Sporadic communications or inability to follow through with a plan would demonstrate lack of support by a "friendly" party with a weapon.

You won't like this answer, but you'll need to wait a little longer for a better idea on what you can do. In the mean time, try saving/getting legally as much money together as you can.

Although I am trying not to get my hopes up, the idea that a credible group may go public is very exciting. Is there any way to help make this happen?

Try and find credible victims and get them involved in this group. They needn't use their real names at this point, but we need a intelligent, honest base to collaborate efforts.

A good start would be to attempt to get statistics on how many persons are actual victims still alive, and to keep in touch with them. Then we need to raise capital to provide us means.

K. Alexander

Kevin Alexander wrote: Many of you have wondered "what is the purpose of the electronic weaponry that is the subject of this forum?"

More importantly, why is a discussion of it evaded within our societies?

The simple logic that explains the nature of the weaponry--the capacity to cause neural cells to fire with directed, radiated energy--is easy enough theory to make such weapon's existence irrefutable. Moreover, this understanding has been available to governments from early in the 20th century--available to Stalin, Hitler, and every other regime that spends billions per year on advanced weaponry.

There is enough leaked paperwork to substantiate the ownership of the weaponry by the US government.

So why are terrorists able to bomb symbols of capitalism such as the World Trade Center, or put fear into the hearts of the good souls in London?

And more, why can't they find Bin Laden, if such weaponry as exists can read the minds of any human on earth?

These questions are evidence. That they can find Bin Laden if they want is evidence of the nature of the US government's intentions.

Democracy, when any party can be taken from power or kept from running for office, is nothing more than a one party state. That is, any person openly advocating democracy is really advocating the same type of state they called the East German Democratic Republic. It was Karl Marx who wrote that "Democracy is the road to socialism".

If President Bush came into power after the machine came into power, how much power does he have? Does he have a choice as to whether he promotes democratic tyranny or not? Is he really in charge of a group of people who attack helpless persons by manipulating their genitals, screaming in their heads, broadcasting their thoughts or torturing them by affecting their heartbeat or the working of other bodily organs?

Any person attacked by the weapon, knowingly or not, can be kept from discussing the subject, or communicating to others who are victims.

Editors of papers or news-stations can be killed or denied the right of freedom of speech/press if they seek to expose the weapon's use.

We are at war, and the enemy is tyranny. Our goal is to restore liberty.

Widespread evasion, denial or ignorance of the weapon's use and the plight of its victims is a lack of freedom of speech. In order to regain liberty, it has to be taken back by force.

Victims, sympathizers or those with knowledge of the weapon's existence can effectively fight against the enemy tyranny by openly asserting the weapon's nature and use, thereby legitimizing it as a topic of discussion. This will regain liberty, and those with the weapon are afraid of this approach.

There is a group of people who have the weapon who are increasingly questioning its value and function, and are providing aid to some persons who have been attacked. Those who are willing to fight and acknowledge their existence may be able to get help.

There are many governments with the weapon, not only one. Any government who steps outside the bounds of acceptable acknowledgment of its use can be threatened by the others.

It's a war. In war, you can be killed, or you can be victorious. The victory of liberty of speech in this war, and open acknowledgement of the weapon, will result in compensation and help for its victims, and eventual regulation of the weapon. That will restore liberty for all peoples, and stop the terrorist attacks.

K. Alexander

Interview with Lt. Col. Thomas E. Bearden


It's abuse NOT science fiction


I think that your organization is interested on our works: site and related book

"It's abuse NOT science fiction"

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Calspan pioneered a satelite linked accident-notification system that has evolved into the global tracking and positioning systems and on-car navigation systems used by many auto manufacturers.

Calspan also maintains a flight research operation at Edwards Air force base. Calif, and a flight training facility in Roswell, n.m. and performs on-site accident investigations throughout the eastern half of the U.S.

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