Dear Romy,

attached I am mailing you an article which will be published on
http://www.globalresearch.ca :


Would you know about other sites where it could be e-mailed? Would you have e-mail addresses? I think the article brings new insight into the secret MC technologies and important documentation - there are links to electronic copies of important Russian documents. Could you help with spreading the knowledge of the threats facing the modern world?



Passing laws to regulate electronic weapons and related technology

Below is a letter you can fax or email to CA senators and congressmen about setting up a meeting on DE weapons during the week of the October rally in DC. After emailing, follow-up with as many phone calls as necessary to convince the senator/congressmen or his aide to come to the meeting. You can get all congressional info from this website: http://www.visi.com/juan/congress/

Catch phrases you can use to present your case could be "severe violation of the right to privacy", "threats to national security", "violation of human rights in general", etc. Also see the letter below for how you can present your case.

Thanks and good luck!


Subject: Please contact Congress to help us schedule additional appointments on October 7 about passing laws to regulate electronic weapons and related technology. Legislative assistants are more likely to arrange a meeting to speak with our small group of professionals if the request is from a constituent who lives in their area.

Lawmakers recently agreed to introduce legislation about electronic weapons similar to the ones that are described below. Other politicians usually add amendments to strengthen the original bill.

Dear fellow survivor,

Please copy and paste the following two page letter to Microsoft Word or other program (instead of printing it directly from the internet). We would like for you, your family, and friends to FAX, MAIL and EMAIL the letter to your Representative and two Senators. It should be sent to every federal congressional office in your state. Letters to the Washington D.C. office should be mailed right away because of security screening delays.

The letters should be emailed to multiple staff members. The congressional web sites may allow you to “Please Select A Subject.” Departments that may be interested in regulating electronic weapons are civil rights, crime, defense, foreign relations, government affairs, gun control, homeland security, judiciary, military, open government, schedule a meeting, science, space, technology, terrorism, etc.

The suggested email subject line is: Please schedule a meeting in Washington D.C.

Contact information for your Representative and two Senators is on the following two web sites: http://www.house.gov/ and http://www.senate.gov/.

Thanks for assisting us in this important event in Washington D.C.

(Please do not change the following letter. Individual stories should be saved for a later date.)


To: The name of your Representative or two Senators (Arial font, size 11)


Subject: Please schedule an appointment for us to meet with you and other members of Congress in Washington D.C. on Friday, October 7 (or Thursday, October 6 if necessary).

Criminals or terrorists are able to buy and use police or military electronic or electromagnetic weapons. Legislation should be passed that limits the sale, purchase, manufacture, possession or use of electronic or electromagnetic devices or weapons from the internet, mail order, retail or wholesale stores and other sources.

There is a strong indication that criminals are using electronic weapons against innocent civilians, including many patriotic Americans. The weapons could also be used against the police or military. Regulating the availability and use of technology improves national security.

There are thousands of web links on the internet where criminals or terrorists are able to purchase police or military electronic technology. Two of the many weapons that are available for sale are (1) a Taser with a laser sight that works even through bullet proof vests and (2) a stun gun that delivers a 900,000 volt charge.

On August 28, 2005 the Washington Post reported a news story titled “Lightning guns, heat rays, weapons that can make you hear the voice of God. This is what happens when the war on terror meets the entrepreneurial spirit.”


Police or military electronic or electromagnetic equipment that is significantly more sophisticated than the weapons listed above are also available for sale from many different sources.

On August 7, 2005, Fox News reported that at least three California men died within the week after they were shot by police with Taser stun guns. The article also stated that more than 140 people nationwide have died after being shot by the device since 2001.

Lawmakers are now being asked to hold hearings to regulate the sale and use of the popular law enforcement tool. The news story can be read at this web site:

Michigan and Massachusetts already passed laws about the misuse of electronic or electromagnetic devices or weapons. House Enrolled Bills 4513 and 4514 from Michigan took effect on January 1, 2004. The laws provide for a possible life sentence in prison if someone is convicted of using equipment that causes personal injury or death. Bill 4513 section 200h, subsections (k) and (m) (vii), and Bill 4514 section 200i (1), subsection (d), briefly describe harmful electromagnetic devices or weapons. The following two web sites will access the Michigan bills:


Chapters 140 and 170 of the General Laws of Massachusetts took effect on July 15, 2004. The laws address the sale or possession of electrical weapons. The following two web sites will access the Massachusetts bills:


Scientists around the world develop outstanding technology. If the inventions are used properly, the benefits are positive and peaceful. Unfortunately, some of the electronic equipment that scientists produced was acquired by criminals or terrorists. Dr. John Norseen is a Lockheed Martin neuroengineer. In an interview with a reporter about the misuse of the electronic inventions, Dr. Norseen said, "THE ETHICS DO NOT CONCERN ME, BUT THEY SHOULD CONCERN SOMEONE ELSE." The news story that was titled "Reading your mind and injecting smart thoughts" can be read at this web site:
(There may be a short delay while downloading the story.)

Frequently the best tips about criminals or terrorists come from civilians. This information should be a high priority to be investigated by Homeland Security and law enforcement.

We would like to schedule an appointment with you, other members of Congress, and legislative assistants who have expressed an interest in passing laws to investigate and prosecute those who misuse electronic weapons and related technology. Please schedule the meeting in Washington D.C. on Friday, October 7 (or Thursday, October 6 if necessary).

Our small group will include a scientist, Ph.D. and other professionals. One of our experts who worked on counterterrorism issues is a retired FBI Senior Special Agent In Charge. New ideas and intelligence reports will be presented about the misuse of electronic technology, counterterrorism, cyberterrorism, microchips, GPS tracking, and other national security issues.

This important legislation will improve human rights, civil rights, and privacy rights for many Americans. National security is strengthened when the police, military, or defenseless civilians are protected from criminals or terrorists who use electronic or electromagnetic weapons.

To confirm your interest in meeting with us, please contact one of the individuals below.

Dr. L. R. Gillam, President of the Southeastern Christian Association
832-228-3207 or southeastern0@yahoo.com

Ted Gunderson, FBI Senior Special Agent In Charge (Ret)

Your signature

Your name (Arial font, size 11)

Your address

Your phone number

Your email address

P.S. A written response about your views on passing laws to regulate the availability and use of electronic or electromagnetic devices or weapons is appreciated.

Who controls the minds of people, controls the world




I was hearing voices others don't hear

I am Mark Marks, I am a researcher

I have been finding ways to make a subject hear voices/sounds that others cant hear. I became interested why ? = I was hearing voices others don't hear !!

I have collected links on different ways to make a man hear voices/sounds.

This shows we Can Make Another Hear Vocies !!



The Next Deep Throat?

Is it Millivision (any other details if possible)?


Oh, goodness, no. Millivision is kid's stuff compared to what our boys use. I'm not quite clear on the science behind it, but basically they use a subatomic particle generator and accelerator to "spray" a wall with particles (very harmless) and then use computers to identify those that bounce back based on their signatures and patterns, and reconstruct a 3D model on the terminal. The particles (neutrinos, I believe) are so small that they can easily pass through walls, floors, etc. The device can actually be used up to see through 500ft of pure granite, and even that limitation isn't because of the particles, but only because of the computer that has to interpret the results.

No commercial entity has access to the technology.

These devices have probably already prevented a nuclear holocaust in the United States.

The devices are in no way used for political purposes. No politicians have access to the device, and the people who have the device and control it really don't care about political issues, but simply want to keep our country safe.

Generally, the device is not used for security purposes within the United States, though with the current terrorism situation this may change.



NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe

At a time when experts are debating whether NATO is suited to deal with the global “war on terror”, new research suggests that the alliance’s own secret history has links to terrorism.


By Daniele Ganser for ISN Security Watch (15/12/04)

Editor’s Note: This report written by Daniele Ganser is based on excerpts from his newly released book, “NATO’s Secret Armies. Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe”, released this week by Frank Cass in London. The book describes NATO’s clandestine operations during the Cold War. The research was prompted by a story that made world headlines in 1990 but quickly disappeared, ensuring that even today, NATO’s secret armies remain just that - secret. Until now, a full investigation of NATO’s secret armies had not been carried out - a task that Ganser has taken on single-handedly and quite successfully...


Informant: Rory Winter


NATO's Secret Armies (Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe)



Help protest against the voice technology

I am Mark Marks, moderator of mindcontrolresearchforum a group of researchers that search for technology that can do a number of amazing things.

One is to allow someone to hear voices and/or sounds that are not heard by others, I have collected research on the VOICES trying to explain the different ideas and technology that can allow verbal contact with one person without others hearing it. It is no longer hard to believe that one can hear sounds that others cant hear, it has already been proven that it can be done.

I have collected links to methods and technology and that can change your state of mind maybe even who you are, like Binaural Beats (INTELEGEN INC. ) HYPNOSIS, SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE, Brain Washing, Memory. With nothing but sound and psychology tricks that can be heard with the above technology. My collections are links about research by people with P.H.D,s or top scientist, respectable people, some who work for NASA or a universities, leading respectable experts on the subjects experts claim even the tone of a sound effects a person who hears it. The mode, thinking ability, attitude can be changed by sounds, like if you thank you hear a person call you a bad name it might anger you, depress you, distract you, or do a number of things. Lots of things related to sound shape who we are like radio, and t.v. read this T.V. AND RADIO AND THE EFFECTS OF. Psychology is a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands. That makes the ability to speak to someone 24/7 very dangerous and I believe such technology should be outlawed or restricted

Woody Norris has a way of getting inside you head. HyperSonic Sound http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/print.asp?ID=2332

B. 2/Ultra sound hearing tool Flanagan Neurophone


Lifton's Brainwashing Processes
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mindcontrolresearchforum/message/3507 http://changingminds.org/techniques/conversion/lifton_brainwashing.htm

THE BATTLE FOR YOUR MIND Techniques Being Used On The Public

Manipulating our memories of food can influence what we choose to eat, UCI Study Suggests

True/False Memories by Peggy Elam, PhD

WHAT IS HYPNOSIS Mental Health Journal

Subliminal messages can affect our brains, researchers find

NASA's Mind Reading Type Tech's






Don't pick Australia

If you are intending to leave the U.S.A. to escape psychotronic assault don't pick Australia as a potential refuge.I have been on the receiving end of psychotronic weapons in OZ since 1984 when I worked in the Australian Defence Department. I spent some time in New Zealand and was targeted there too.



MIND CONTROL - The Technology of Political Control


Kontroverse über den Einsatz nichttödlicher Waffen

lernkreis gebhardt schrieb am 30.08.05 09:40:05:

Kontroverse über den Einsatz nichttödlicher Waffen

Auswärtiger Ausschuss (Anhörung)

Berlin: (hib/SUK) Der Auswärtige Ausschuss hat sich am Mittwochnachmittag in einer öffentlichen Anhörung über die Möglichkeiten zur Kontrolle nichttödlicher Waffen informiert. Es sprachen die Experten John B. Alexander (Senior Fellow Joint Special Operations University), Jürgen Altmann (Institut für Experimentalphysik III der Ruhr-Universität Bochum), Robin M. Coupland (FRCS, Medizinischer Berater beim Internationalen Roten Kreuz Genf) und Klaus-Dieter Thiel (Fraunhofer Institut für Chemische Technologie).

John B. Alexander betonte in seinem Vortrag, er vertrete nicht die offizielle US-Position, sondern äußere nur eigene Überzeugungen. Er beschäftige sich seit zehn Jahren mit dem Thema nichttödlicher Waffen. Argumente, diese Waffen beförderten ein neues Wettrüsten oder seien als mögliche Folterinstrumente Vorläufer tödlicher Waffen und verursachten selbst Todesfälle, halte er für falsch. Die Aufwendungen der Staaten für nichttödliche Waffen seien verschwindend gering im Vergleich zu denen für konventionelle Waffen. Grundsätzlich könne jede Waffe zur Folter genutzt werden - das einzige, das dafür gebraucht werde, sei die "Absicht, zu foltern". Es habe zwar Todesfälle nach dem Einsatz von Pfefferspray oder Gummigeschossen gegeben, diese seien aber nicht auf die Technologie zurückzuführen, sondern zumeist auf Anwendungsfehler. Auch bei dem Einsatz des Gases bei der Befreiung der Geiseln in einem Moskauer Theater seien deshalb so viele Opfer gestorben, weil sie im Anschluss an die Befreiung nicht richtig ärztlich versorgt worden seien. Zudem halte er die Schlagzeilen, dass 120 Menschen getötet worden seien, für falsch. "Es wäre besser gewesen, man hätte geschrieben, dass Hunderte gerettet worden sind." Oft hätten Menschen unrealistische Vorstellungen an nichttödliche Waffen - aber die Alternative sei der Einsatz tödlicher Waffen, der mehr Todesopfer fordere.

Jürgen Altmann nahm in seinem Vortrag immer wieder kritisch Bezug auf seinen Vorredner. In dessen Veröffentlichungen fänden sich viele Ungenauigkeiten oder überholte Ansätze. Generell sei die Vorstellung eines nichttödlichen Krieges unplausibel. Zudem seien herkömmliche Waffen einfacher zu beschaffen, billiger und effektiver als nichttödliche. Diese seien geeignet für den Einsatz in der humanitären Hilfe oder bei Friedensmissionen. Durch übertriebene Erwartungen an nichttödliche Waffen würden schnell internationale Abkommen in Frage gestellt. "Wer sich nur auf die eigene Überlegenheit bei der militärischen Technik konzentriert, schießt sich schnell selbst ins Bein, denn er unterschätzt die Wechselwirkung. Auch Terroristen werden diese Waffen schnell nutzen." Es mangele derzeit an fachlich fundierter Beschäftigung mit diesen Waffen: "Eine Technikfolgenabschätzung findet nicht statt."

Robin M. Coupland betonte, er teile in vielen Punkten die Position John B. Alexanders, sei selbst aber weder Befürworter noch Gegner nichttödlicher Waffen. Er habe Bedenken hinsichtlich der richtigen Bezeichnung. Auch tödliche Waffen hätten lediglich Todesraten von 45 Prozent wie Gewehre oder weniger als zehn Prozent wie Handgranaten. Es sei daher besser, von "angemessenen Waffen für bestimmte Aufgaben" zu sprechen. Er empfahl, in Waffenfragen neben den technischen und rechtlichen Aspekten immer auch die Auswirkungen auf die Menschen im Blick zu behalten.

Dr. Klaus-Dieter Thiel definierte nichttödliche Waffen als Waffen, die nicht dazu gedacht seien zu töten, sondern dazu, Opponenten kampfunfähig zu machen oder abzuwehren sowie Kollateral- und Umweltschäden abzuwehren. Auch wenn ihre Absicht nichtletal sei, könne das Ergebnis aber letal sein. Er halte nichttödliche Waffen für eine "neue Option zwischen Nichtstun - wozu auch Verhandlungen und diplomatische Bestrebungen gehören - und Schießen." Sie erlaubten ein "adäquates situatives Vorgehen" und müssten grundsätzlich im Einklang mit den internationalen Konventionen sein. Thiel plädierte für einen ganzheitlichen, interdisziplinären Ansatz, der sich nicht nur auf die Technologie konzentriere, sondern auch rechtliche, politische, medizinische, soziologische, kulturelle und psychologische Aspekte einschließe. Er vertrete den Standpunkt der Organisation "Human Rights Watch", wonach jede Waffe umfassend untersucht werden müsse. Thiel forderte die Einrichtung eines interdisziplinären Expertenteams und die Erstellung einer Road Map bei der weiteren Entwicklung und Erforschung nichtletaler Waffen.

The British government does not want electromagnetic weapons to be discussed publicly


BBC Greater Manchester Radio election phone-in

The Alliance For Change
98 High Street, Knaresborough, N Yorks. HG5 0HN
+44 7930 519793



A recording of a phone-in on BBC's Greater Manchester Radio station at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday 13 July has been uploaded to http://www.sysos.co.uk/GMR1.mp3

The recording includes the contributions made by Cheadle by-election Alliance For Change candidate, John Allman.

The Alliance For Change candidate almost failed to attend the studio on time, because of a bomb scare, which persuaded police to cut off the BBC building to most visitors. He parked some distance away and walked, despite the BBC warning him by telephone that he would be denied access to attend the pre-arranged appointment in the studio, and attempting to cancel the studio appointment.

Happily, it was announced that the bomb scare was officially over, funnily enough within a few seconds after Mr Allman and his personal assistant at last succeeded in gaining entrance to the BBC building, by a back door, after a period of further delay. The further delay was the result of being challenged by a security guard, who seemed in no hurry to verify that Mr Allman was an invited studio guest, due on air within minutes, when he was trying to enter the premises. No explanation is available as to why police were preventing access to the BBC building about an hour after the "controlled explosion" of an innocent package at a different location in Manchester.

Bomb scare report at:

Mr Allman was able, after all, perhaps for the first time in history, to inform listeners to a live BBC radio broadcast, that there is an international campaign going on, against electromagnetic weapons. The British government has disclosed in writing that it does not want electromagnetic weapons to be discussed publicly. Some of the relevant correspondence is published on http://www.slavery.org.uk

The European Parliament has called for such weapons to be banned. The call for a ban is supported (but without prominence being given to the issue) by: the Lib Dems' leader, Charles Kennedy MP, the two Green Party MEPs, George Galloway MP, and various figures within the Christian People's Alliance and Operation Christian Vote.

One example of this class of weapons is described by the US Army, at: http://call.army.mil/products/thesaur_e/00016275.htm.

Mr Allman has received a number of complaints from listeners who called the show wishing to put questions or comments about the international campaign against electromagnetic weapons, but who were given the clear impression that listener calls on this subject weren't considered appropriate by the BBC. This is despite the subject being one that had been raised in one participating candidates' election address leaflets, both at the Cheadle by-election, and at the earlier general election.

Further Alliance For Change press releases may be read at http://www.AllianceForChange.co.uk.


The harassment always picks up

Holiday weekend approaching

Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 15:04:08 -0400


I felt like this would be a good time to share some information considering the holiday weekend is approaching, and the harassment always picks up. So here are tips that might help us withstand the crazy that is bothering us.

Labor Day Holiday Weekends

I have been harassed terribly on all holiday weekends for fifteen years. I don't expect this one to be no different. I don't know if the U.S. lets down its guard or what, but the plane and satellite activity is usually just as bad or worse than other days. And the street activity seems to pick up.

So let's be on guard this time, with cameras or witnesses, or evidence to turn over to authorities to get rid of perpetrators. I'm certain the people who are out to disrupt our lives are insane sociopaths.

Science Foundations and organzations

This is a science problem we are experiencing, so scienists can help us.

I have contacted two more people today.

The European Science Foundation is pretty mad at Boeing (or the former owner of the Iridium system) for interrupting the atmosphere with all kinds of frequencies.

Check it out.


(This Iridium system is able to communicate in remote places and is a satellite communication system of 66 satellites-and is interfering with radio astronomy. May be interfering with us!)

Think about contacing some other science organizations for help

And a couple of us having some success contacting other countries for help (since our own won't help us.)

If you contact a science organization, you may want to refer the depo site link at the bottom of this message to them.


Several times in the past few months, the perpetrators have tried to drug my foods. (Well actually, this has been happening for years.).

Anyway, the very waiter I suspected as being a part of a plan to contaminate my food actually met me near the cashier's stand the last time I visited a particular restaurant to seat us. He said, looking us over, "A party of three. Come with me."

I immediately declined, sensing some was amiss from the last time I had visited, and I had suspected this eastern looking man as a perpetrator. And this time he actually met me just after I first paid for my meal and entered the restaurant!

But this isn't the only place this is happening: the perp's evidently have blackmailed others in other restaurants: taco bell (though now the suspect has left I believe), a local mexican restaurant (where the free salsa tasted very strange the last three times visited); and I finally stopped going. They had plenty of time to fix it, for I waited a couple months until visiting again. But there is a system there.

The perps will also see what food you are buying at the stores, to contaminate it.

And of course there is always the high probability of them entering your home.

(Do yourself a favor and get an electronic keypad lock.)

Independent Media Sites.

Please consider posting your experiences on a local independent news site. It may get "hidden" or even knocked off, but exposure of these mc atrocities are critical to ending the assault.

Some of the sites are easier to post than others.

Just do it.

I got on several on them with a picture of that airplane that kept harassing me, and this has made a difference. It's great evidence and I sent it off with my story.

Here are the internet addresses:

IMC Network: http://www.indymedia.org africa: ambazonia canarias estrecho / madiaq nigeria south africa canada: alberta hamilton maritimes montreal ontario ottawa quebec thunder bay vancouver victoria windsor winnipeg east asia: japan manila qc europe: alacant andorra antwerpen athens austria barcelona belgium belgrade bristol bulgaria croatia cyprus estrecho / madiaq euskal herria galiza germany grenoble hungary ireland istanbul italy la plana liege lille madrid marseille nantes netherlands nice norway oost-vlaanderen paris poland portugal romania russia scotland sverige switzerland thessaloniki united kingdom west vlaanderen latin america: argentina bolivia brasil chiapas chile colombia ecuador mexico peru puerto rico qollasuyu rosario santiago sonora tijuana uruguay valparaiso oceania: adelaide aotearoa brisbane darwin jakarta manila melbourne perth qc sydney south asia: india mumbai united states: arizona arkansas atlanta austin baltimore binghamton boston buffalo charlottesville chicago cleveland colorado danbury, ct dc hawaii houston hudson mohawk idaho ithaca kansas city la madison maine miami michigan milwaukee minneapolis/st. paul new hampshire new jersey new mexico new orleans north carolina north texas nyc oklahoma philadelphia pittsburgh portland richmond rochester rogue valley san diego san francisco san francisco bay area santa barbara santa cruz, ca seattle st louis tallahassee-red hills tennessee urbana-champaign utah vermont western mass worcester west asia: beirut israel palestine process: discussion fbi/legal updates indymedia faq mailing lists process & imc docs tech volunteer projects: print radio satellite tv video regions: oceania united states topics: biotech

The Lord is with us.

Our situation like David going up against Goliath, but the Lord is our side. It is illegal to assault, kill, and harm anyone either intentionally or unintentionally. So may we call on the Lord's name as David did (for those of you who believe in the Holy Scriptures), and knock down this crazy giant who is threatening us, trying to intimidate us, and assaulting our lives.)

Depo site

Remember, we have a depo site you can refer to anyone who questions our situation or who wants to help us...



Ken Lee


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