Torturing People By Electromagnetics

Am working to make the links to know the devices that shoot radio waves toward people's brains, used to hurt, kill people by remote controlling devices ... can entrain brainwaves. This is documented, such as Stanford here: http://sica.stanford.edu/events/brainwaves/research.html

I am a victim.

Dick Cheney and his cohorts (according to reports I've read flying around the internet recently) are trying to make the electromagnetic sphere under their control - net neutrality is a big one; they can control communication so we don't know when they pull the big one - entrain us all by jamming our brains with electromagnetic brainwaves they can now duplicate, forcing someone else's brainwave patterning onto a huge morass of people - microwaves, ELF, long-range and short-range radio waves, are some using electromagnetic spehere - causing disrupted brain patterning, causing suicides/assassinations/carcinogenic so cause brain tumors among other radiation exposure related diseases. We have cell phones, computers, tv's, etc., all on the electromagnetic sphere Cheney and cohorts want to control people with that can be directed by entrainment - they use energy force that can harm us and every living thing! Can interface with accoustical weapons like they did me, using directed energy, or patents such as lowrey silent sound that drive people crazy as intended for military purposes, decades used... many other forms of torture being developed the public knows NOTHING about. I am compiling study links here: http://targeted.blogspot.com and have started a company to expose their torture, Electro Well. I do a cable tv show in Ohio about such weapons of mass devastation ... I am a torture victim.

Here's a good background of U.S. mind experimentation. A good read!


Mind Controllers
By Dr. Armen Victorian
A 10-page Summary

- Suz LeBoeuf, M.A.
mind control victim - "targeted individual - TI"

bioelectronic torture:


Laser beams chased me, harmed me, N.C. on!!! That I was tortured by!!!!


This page talks about laser beams directed to hurt/torture/kill people. I am presently writing my mini-book here: http://www.lulu.com/electrowell trying to raise awareness about what has happened to me, as well as the many others still suffering and being ASSASSINATED HORRIBLY!!! This kind of torturing of mankind, in AMERICA NO LESS - must be PUBLICIZED AND PUT TO DEATH!!! In my opinion, when we don't stop these heinous criminals who freely kill for their own pleasure/profits/power - we HELP THEM ALONG!!! I believe in death (penalty) or otherwise WAR WAGED ON SUCH CRIMINALS in order to fully PROTECT OUR HUMAN LIFE ON EARTH! We must be AGGRESSIVE in GETTING THE WORD OUT TO STOP THIS MADNESS!!! Help me publicize my plight!

suz leboeuf
at http://www.suzsproductions.com and
http://www.electrowell.info and



Protect Environment & PEOPLE from Electromagnetics / High-Tech Torture!


Trees, as seen at http://www.suzsproductions.com

VIDEO pages!



Are electromagnetic weapons entering into your house? We can't see them, but may feel their vibrations upon our feet, arms and legs or hear piercing radio frequency sounds in or around our skulls... the floor may be vibrating with electricity pulsing into our homes to hurt us and actually to scramble our brains if they have gotten that far into our lives as they target the people who are straightforwardly honest and caring human rights activists... have you had anything strange happen to you lately?

Drug Experiments on U.S Military

Cartoon - Refers to how the U.S. Military experimented on men with pyridostigmine, to protect again soman - a nerve agent, and neostigmine, an antidote to muscle relaxants. The 1994 Rockefeller Report, Examining Biological Experimentation on U.S. Military reflects how the Dept. of Defense provided a drug approval application to the Food and Drug Administration but serious adverse reactions may not have been reported.

Support Suzs Productions!

In getting this vital message about the high tech torture of U.S. citizens, as well as "targeted individuals" around the earth! Protect the world from assassinations of good activists and other peaceful people!

Suz LeBoeuf
Electro Well,
founder / CEO

Bioelectronic Torture:


Dear Suz

I've had all of this for years, and on top of it incoming pollution that is deliberately put through from the house next door. With the targetting and the pollution it has burned my face many times, not least of which has been the past couple of days. It leaves my face bright red and burned. Right now I've got cling film covering the bottom part of my face which seems to be the object of the targetting. I've already had 4" of skin removed from my face which hung in folds, but it couldn't get rid of the scarring. Now at this rate it will soon be as bad again.

Would you believe, I never normally hear a sound other than for banging and hammering and drilling, but yesterday as I sat with my face burning again, my I heard my 'neighbour' begin to sing loudly. Baby Face, and California Here I Come! What they do is evil and it's cruel, and such is that we have in power it just covers it over and ignores it.

I might add the targeting broke many of my teeth, all the ones with metal fillings in kept breaking one after another when the high pitched frequency sounds were at their worst. The last one to break was last year when a filling came out and was replaced. The frequency sound was unbearable until finally the tooth shattered.

These people are the new world order, and this is what others have to come because they control things, not least of which is most of the media.






High tech electromagnetic weapons being used on the public

* Release Source - Suz LeBoeuf


Suz LeBoeuf, “Targeted Individual”, Writes Her Opinions about the Current Political Climate While Being Tortured In Her Home by Electromagnetics

AKRON, OHIO — APRIL 22, 2006 — Suz LeBoeuf declares herself a “targeted individual” or TI as they are known among the tortured group who have suffered tremendously, sometimes for decades, due to the fact that very few in the public sphere have known the weapons exist. These are military-style weapons bought and sold on the Internet as well as manufactured, traded or sold on the black market. Targeted Individuals suspect they have become targets due to their kind natures, who have often times become involved in military pursuits or have been in a military family.

Suz was a military daughter.

Her father, being politically active in his home state of California (now deceased), passed on his public service mentality – now we know why.

Suz has said she is being “brain entrained” with psycho-torture and being held in captivity – that is, captivity by electromagnetics that the Bush administration and Dick Cheney says he wants the pentagon to oversee – as she has written on the web with her new storefront for newsletter articles at http://www.lulu.com/electrowell . She has begun to publish her life’s interaction with the weapons of war, as she likes to call them as they assassinate brain waves with “directed energy pulsed radiation weapons (that) pulverize good activists minds and tear their bodies apart, frying brains with HAARP-like weaponized signals” that are piggy-backed on the energy grid. These remote neural monitoring of the brain by EEG-like brain wave technology are sometimes known as “psycho-symptoms of a pervert-like warfare that is striking the country.” These words came from the audio-acoustical weapons she has to contend with day by day in her “normal living” of a lifestyle with no way out.

Unless we have some sort of weapons technology to protect our Americans from being stricken with the same brainwave technology like Suz LeBoeuf has had to endure, suffer and die from; brainwave speaking, that is, then we have nothing to look forward to in old age but our minds blown to bits.

Suz LeBoeuf has been writing for many years on the internet about her experiences as a judicial accountability activist, speaking to hundreds about their cases. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Sacramento State University, has a master’s degree in counseling psychology. Due to her impending lawsuit, she thinks “we need to have somebody overseeing the judges in our court cases from here on out” she says, “as they are all brain entrained and we don’t know who is controlling our judge’s brains at this point”. She has given up plans to become a licensed psychologist due to the nature of the weapons and what they are doing; causing acute, severe and ongoing mental trauma. Although she has completed some coursework in a doctoral program in psychology, she has complained they won’t listen to her. This is her first venture in the public world of publishing professionally online as her own publicist.

Suz LeBoeuf, icsn2202@yahoo.com



High-Tech Crimes and Electromagnetic Madness

'Non-lethal' weapons

Targeting the Human with Directed Energy Weapons

The Threat of Information, Electromagnetic and Psychtronic Warfare



New Technology Could Force TV Ad Viewing

By May Wong Associated
Press posted: 20 April 2006
12:11 pm ET

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) -- In this era of easy ad skipping with TiVo-like video recorders, could television viewers one day be forced to watch commercials with a system that prevents channel switching?

Yes, according to Royal Philips Electronics. A patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office says researchers of the Netherland-based consumer electronics company have created a technology that could let broadcasters freeze a channel during a commercial, so viewers wouldn't be able to avoid it.

The pending patent, published on March 30, says the feature would be implemented on a program-by-program basis. Devices that could carry the technology would be a television or a set-top-box.

Philips acknowledged, however, that the anti-channel changing technology might not sit well with consumers and suggested in its patent filing that consumers be allowed to avoid the feature if they paid broadcasters a fee.

On Wednesday, company officials issued a statement that noted the technology also enables the opposite: allowing viewers to watch television without advertising. The intention was never to force viewers to watch ads against their will, the company said of the technology.

"We developed a system where the viewer can choose, at the beginning of a movie, to either watch the movie without ads, or watch the movie with ads,'' the company stated. "It is up to the viewer to take this decision, and up to the broadcaster to offer the various services.''

The company also said it had no plans to use the technology in any of its products.

Philips wanted to provide the technology and seek the patent only as part of the broader developments within the industry, Philips spokesman Andre Manning said.


Peace - Anna

Blackmail on family and siblings since 1988

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality. "

Bishop Desmond Tutu

Please note that for the last 18 years, the Security Services are involved in large scale witches hunt campaign, Blackmailing the family and relatives to co-operate with their dirty tricks against their wills.

No body knows the terms of the deal as they have prevented us from having a human rights lawyer for advice .

From 1988 up to now, our mother, brothers and sisters are banned from contacting us in Britain: no telephone calls, no letters, no visits (travels). 18 Years on now, as a matter of urgency, we do need the ban being lifted as soon as possible and an official invitation for my siblings by Her Majesty's Government to travel to Britain.

Justice has been twisted with corrupt, unjust and illegal decisions taken against us, family, siblings, career and business for the last 18 years. This is a cover-up and witches hunt campaign.

We feel badly, deeply let down by this cruel treatment, unacceptable witches hunt to un-settle our whole life. The failure of the authorities to redress for so long (18 Years) this dreadful situation is an unwitting racism and the assumptions they are making about us based largely only on negative racial stereotypes.

There is simply no justification for the British Security Services to carry on for 18 years un-settling our whole life by monitoring our activities, interfering with our private and professional life, recruiting gang stalkers for sabotage purposes (breaking the law); using remote thought reading and broadcasting.

Letter from British Red Cross about the siblings:

Nico Ntumba
45 Boltons Lane
Hayes UB3 5BS

Re: Siblings Resettlement programme

Dear Mr Ntumba,

Thank you for your email in which you enquired about your sibling's resettlement programme.

In this letter, I will explain the British Red Cross's role and the role of UNHCR, with respect to family reunion and resettlement.

The British Red Cross carries out family reunion and resettlement services on behalf of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in the United Kingdom. These services include the payment of air fares for family members abroad, who are already in possession of visas, and are joining family members who are refugees and where the family concerned is demonstrably unable to afford the cost of the flights.

Resettlement is another service that the British Red Cross carries out casework relating to vulnerable refugees who need to be resettled to Britain. However, the UNHCR has a global responsibility. Resettlement is normally justified by UNHCR where a refugee has no prospect of a "durable solution" through repatriation or through remaining in the country of first asylum.

The procedure is that a UNHCR branch office (or a field office) recognizes an individual as a refugee under the mandate and, then assesses whether the individual can locally integrate into the host community, or voluntarily repatriate. If both options are not feasible then UNHCR will consider whether the individual needs to be resettled in some other country.

At the British Red Cross, the procedure is that we receive resettlement cases from UNHCR, if necessary, we contact the relative in UK. The case is subsequently presented to the Home Office for consideration.

The British Red Cross does not have any influence with the initial assessment for resettlement by UNHCR, nor on the outcome of the decision made by the Home Office.

In the case of your sibling's situation, it would be necessary for them to approach UNHCR in DRC to explain their present situation and the reasons why they can no longer stay in DRC. The address is as follows:

UNHCR Immeuble de la 2ame Republique Boulevard du 30 Juin Kinshasa

We hope the above information will have been of assistance to you.

Yours sincerely

International Tracing Services London
The British Red Cross
Aztec Row
5 Berners Road
London N1 0PW

We feel, furthermore, that this is yet another example of human Rights violation as defined under the CSCE 1080-83 Madrid conference, and as embodied in the Final Act of Helsinki. We also wish to note that such activities are also in contravention of several agreements endorsed by Great Britain, within the United Nations system, including in particular the International Bill of Human Rights, and articles 3, 4, 5, and 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We urgently press the Home secretary Charles Clarke and the Premier Minister Tony Blair for all possible assistance which they can give to us (Judicial Review, Parliamentary Inquiry, Redress, Protection of our Civil Rights as defined by International Bill of Rights ).

Why this Campaign for 18 years for Justice:

1. Since 1988, we are surviving like Political Prisoner under House Arrest, being kept Incommunicado from siblings by Security Services.

2. No government officials / ministers, MPs are willing to discuss openly; we are still being kept in the dark about the whole case process.

3. We have never been interviewed by Police or Security Services about the false allegations. We are being subjected to Remote though reading / broadcasting; gang stalking; monitoring of our activities, interference into family and professional life. They are guilty of unwitting racism.

4. According to rumors, the government used a very old legislation (1861 Treason Act) to organize a secret trial in absentia for High Treason and sent an Innocent man to gallows in 1988 / 1989.

5. And in conspiracy with medical staff, they framed an innocent man of suffering from mental illness because (Gulag).

6. We have been struggling for years to get a lawyer willing to take up our case.

7. The is still a ban on media running our story.

8. The security services have tried to recruit our friends, associates, relatives as gang stalkers for sabotage from working or running a business.

9. The Security services MI5 have been involved in un-settling our whole life: smears, harassment, abuses, malicious phone calls, setting us people antagonists towards us.

10. Attempts to keep us penniless by sabotage of our career / running of our business an innocent man left a successful career with a SAP in dubious conditions. And many lucrative contracts were lost as well.

You can support our request for a meeting between us, our legal advisors and government officials / ministers (Home Office, Attorney General, Parliamentary Committees ) about the case and our campaign for a Parliamentary Inquiry by contacting the British Premier Minister:

Rt Hon Tony Blair MP Premier Minister
10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7930 44 33 Fax: + 44 (0) 20 7925 09 18 E-mail: webmaster@pmo.go.uk http://www.10downingstreet.gov.uk

45 Boltons Lane Hayes UB3 5BS ENGLAND
Tel Cel : + 44 (0) 7724 072421
E-MAIL: domega8@yahoo.com


Dr Caroline Lucas EuroMP...!!!



Victims of Microwave Surveillance and Harassment



My name is Rafael Hernandez Jr. and I need help with an immediate crisis involving the conspiracy plot to murder my FAMILY and ME. We live in Cleveland, Ohio, west side area and are victims of Microwave surveillance and harassment and electromagnetic "non lethal" weapons. I guess local authorities might have a bribed political and legal muzzle to keep our preplanned murder or as they call it manslaughter they are trying to create a "helta-skelta" they say it's a racial war to murder my family but they all cooperate in Satanic Ritual Abuse and it's all a front to cover up our MURDER.

This is no joke! We need help and fast. These people live in my neighborhood my mother is a cancer patient, my brother is only 16yrs. old no street smart's, my little sister is 14yrs. old and my father is a competent disabled man...I am 21 and have no legal means of defending or preserving my family.

They employ all types of Mind Control torturing techniques. Our # is (216) 496-3839 if you can contact me with any references to legal investigator's it would be very helpful. I appreciate you taking the time to read this please note they can steal my e-mail address and I would not be able to write back all by tomorrow. Also they can take my address to send phony e-mail's to over shadow my FAMILY'S EMERGENCY help call. If you could pass the number on to agency that may help and contact me also would be very great fully appreciated.

Informant: William Kennedy


Please email me at
My agency will assist you.

Wendell H. Fears
Chairman Fears & Fears
Investigations and Intelligence Agency
Wendell Fears Disabilities Special Citizens Corps
No Disabled, Elderly Left Behind In Disasters Program
601 Pressley Street # 918 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212-5642 Phone: (412)-231-7016 Fax: (412)-231-7016 fearsintelligenceagency777@msn.com


Watch Out, Kids: With GPS Phones, Big Mother Is Watching


Would you like to be microchip scanned?


Barium Found in Chemtrails



What happened to the CIA’s MKULTRA program after it was officially stopped in 1973? The fact that around 500 people are now claiming, in Internet groups, that they are being subject to MKULTRA style attacks, would suggest that it lives on, that it has gone further into the black, or is no longer funded by governments. Intelligence organisations, who know all about everything, say nothing about these, usually non-lethal, attacks on targeted individuals (TI’s). Their silence and denial suggests tacit approval, if not direct involvement, rather than ignorance. If it were otherwise, if they were professionals doing their job, they would at least inform the public about the wide variety of biological, chemical and directed energy non-lethal weapons that have been created and how we can detect their application and defend ourselves and heal ourselves when hit. As it is, we TI’s stumble around trying to work it out, often in solitude, and if we dare to try and expose this abuse of power, find that we are attacked with ever greater determination. This program is very secret and very effective as a means of social control. Exposure would be embarrassing at the least. “Where is your evidence for these assertions?” is what always gets thrown at TI’s. Yet the CIA has admitted to the US Senate MKULTRA Hearing in 1977 that MKULTRA was "concerned with the research and development of chemical, biological, and radiological materials capable of employment in clandestine operations to control human behaviour". These materials were used for "harassment, discrediting, or disabling purposes" and were tested on unwitting subjects in the USA and other countries. As doing this without leaving evidence was the objective, it is not surprising that we TI’s talk more from our, often confused, experience of being attacked, rather than from concrete evidence. Nevertheless, I believe that I have a few shreds of evidence. However my attempts, a year or so ago, to put up a web site detailing this evidence led to my internet connection being blocked for 9 months. After many conversations with technicians scratching their heads, I put in a complaint to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman here in Australia. This resulted in the mysterious restoration of my Internet connection. Now I am attempting to establish some blogs with blogger.com which is an excellent and easy way of having a web site. This should only take 15-30 minutes. However, I have been trying to do this for more than a month now. Something always blocks me. Lately I can’t get into my blogger account. Before that I could get in but not upload images. When I try to join the Blogger Help group to discuss the difficulties, I find that my Google account is blocked or when it is not and I try to join the Blogger group I am always sent back to the Google sign in. I have spoken to Google about this and they don’t know why, but they will keep it in mind for their upgrade. And so on and on and just one of the multifaceted abuses that TI’s endure. Be sure MKULTRA lives on and is very effective at keeping TI’s out of the way and, knowing their game as well as I believe I do, I observe that there are many people subject to this treatment, who are unaware of where all their health and other problems are coming from. For example, I can see the energy around someone’s forehead whose been given a mind blocking drug and these people often have an uncontrollable and distinctive depression in their eyes. What these spooky perps are doing is very clever, but I don’t believe that intelligence organisations, who created it, could not know about it, especially as they infiltrate and monitor mind control groups so intensively (joke). In my opinion what TI’s need from respectable governments is the details of the weapons, how to best to detect and neutralise them and free access to testing laboratories and defensive technology.

Victim Proof of Vigilante Stalking Questionnaire & Assessment Determination Form

What do you think?

Victim Proof of Vigilante Stalking Questionnaire & Assessment Determination Form

This is designed to show many common actions of this new serious crime. Vigilante, Mob or Gang Stalking and asses the severity over years of harassment. Gang Stalking Stress (Gang Stalk Stress) is a Pysiological Injury caused by anti-social and electro harrasment crimes.

The results of this Test can be used to help Prove a case of Vigilante Stalking for the record. A. Tell your story here:

How Long has all this been going on? (In years 1,2,3,..10…etc.)

How many times a day does your personal space become violated? (1,2,3… etc.)

B. Questions:

1. Street Theater and/or Brighting
Are there cars or trucks with their headlights On always on the roadside or in driveways along YOUR route almost every time you go out? Or Open Car doors or Trunks during the day or even both. Is there people getting in Or out of cars just as you go by way too often than normal? Or car's flashers and horns going off near you alot more than usual? Are strange events happening in pairs or patterns of twos…etc.? Yes/No

Describe how?

2. Home Sabotage and illegal entry
Are you experiencing home break-ins with no sign of forced entry but small disruptions or sabotage? Example: New Dirt on floor, Sabotage of mechanical devices - TV, Furnace, pipes,AC outlets, computer sabotage, mail messed up.. etc. Yes/No

Describe how?

3. Vehicle Sabotage and illegal entry
Is your vehicle being sabotaged or messed up which is much more unusual than normal wear and tear? Example: Water in the Gas, Panels come unscrewed, Red Transmission fluid Leaks on the ground. Jell-O in the tank, door or trunk that you locked is now Open. Yes/No

Describe how?

4. Traffic mobbing
Is there a noticeable increase in traffic by your house? Example. Bikes, pedestrians, Cars, Pickups Can be as much as 30-40 more per day. Also Planes overhead. When you leave your home the timing is such that you see much of this! Yes/No

Describe how?

5. Same Time Entry/Exit
When entering or leaving your home, is one of your neighbors there waiting and then entering or leaving his home at the same time. Ex. Pulling into your driveway, then a neighbor already sitting in his car starts pulling out of his driveway. Yes/No

Describe how?

6. Work Sabotage and illegal entry
Is there any undetected break-ins at work to mess things up and make it look like your fault, Or are your previously friendly coworkers now trying to mess you up? Yes/No

Describe how?

7. Store mobbing
Is there any mobbing when standing in lines at stores, Or does the parking lot fill up alot more after you get there? Yes/No

Describe how?

8. Vehicle threat
Have you been almost hit by a car, run off the road where you thought it was intentional or do you pickup someone with road rage everytime you go out? Are you being followed or Led by any vehicles? Yes/No

Describe how?

9. Ruined relationships
Are your friendships and acquaintances going sour or talking in the same catch phrase even though they do not know each other? Or do your friends or strangers know something about you that you never told them? Ex. Something happens that you may or may not be aware of and your friend’s response is not as nice as it always was. Yes/No

Describe how?

10. Public rudeness / Anchoring
Do you get rude stares, bumps or unexpected actions or talk from people you do not know or strange chat from strangers on the internet like they know you? Ex. Anchoring - In Gang Stalking, Anchoring is used to make the target have fear with things happening in your daily life that considered to be normal. That can be done with frequent demonstrations. The key is the frequency just like other GangStalking methods. For example, People show you a pen every where you go, and their attitude is rude or crazy against you. You don't know them. You just wonder what's going on. Imagine that happens everyday, for a week, for a month, fora year, then, that makes you have fear with a pen. In this case, a pen is ANCHORED with your state of fear. It can be anything. A cell phone, notebook computer, a medical mask, clothes of the same.


Rubrik Unglaublich: An den Konzern

Text am 14.04.06 gelesen und mich in einem Telefongespräch mit Herrn Dr. Munzert von dessen Richtigkeit überzeugt. Unter http://www.mikrowellenterror.de .

An den Konzern

http://www.findefux.de/forum/read.php4?f=84&i=3049&t=3045 http://www.findefux.de/forum/read.php4?f=84&i=3052&t=3045


Kurzfilm auf RTL 2 zum Besendungsterror

Voraussichtlich am 18.04.06 wird um kurz vor 22.00 Uhr ein Beitrag auf RTL 2 zum Thema "Nachbarschaftsstreit" gesendet. Die Aufnahmen wurden bei Opfern des Besendungsterrrors in Erfurt und Zeitz gemacht. Wie immer ist natürlich offen, in welchem Sinn dann tatsächlich in der Sendung darüber berichtet wird.

Gut wäre es, wenn möglichst viele von Ihnen die Sendung mitschneiden könnten, da zu befürchten ist, dass die Aufzeichnung bei Einzelnen sabotiert wird.

Ruth Gill

Mind Control Research Forum Online Books

The Search for the Manchurian Candidate ( read book online )


Voices In Your Head?


The Psychology of Torture

by Sam Vaknin

There is one place in which one's privacy, intimacy, integrity and inviolability are guaranteed - one's body, a unique temple and a familiar territory of sensa and personal history. The torturer invades, defiles and desecrates this shrine. He does so publicly, deliberately, repeatedly and, often, sadistically and sexually, with undisguised pleasure. Hence the all-pervasive, long-lasting, and, frequently, irreversible effects and outcomes of torture.

In a way, the torture victim's own body is rendered his worse enemy. It is corporeal agony that compels the sufferer to mutate, his identity to fragment, his ideals and principles to crumble. The body becomes an accomplice of the tormentor, an uninterruptible channel of communication, a treasonous, poisoned territory.

It fosters a humiliating dependency of the abused on the perpetrator. Bodily needs denied - sleep, toilet, food, water - are wrongly perceived by the victim as the direct causes of his degradation and dehumanization. As he sees it, he is rendered bestial not by the sadistic bullies around him but by his own flesh.

The concept of "body" can easily be extended to "family", or "home". Torture is often applied to kin and kith, compatriots, or colleagues. This intends to disrupt the continuity of "surroundings, habits, appearance, relations with others", as the CIA put it in one of its manuals. A sense of cohesive self-identity depends crucially on the familiar and the continuous. By attacking both one's biological body and one's "social body", the victim's psyche is strained to the point of dissociation.

Beatrice Patsalides describes this transmogrification thus in "Ethics of the unspeakable: Torture survivors in psychoanalytic treatment":

"As the gap between the 'I' and the 'me' deepens, dissociation and alienation increase. The subject that, under torture, was forced into the position of pure object has lost his or her sense of interiority, intimacy, and privacy. Time is experienced now, in the present only, and perspective - that which allows for a sense of relativity - is foreclosed. Thoughts and dreams attack the mind and invade the body as if the protective skin that normally contains our thoughts, gives us space to breathe in between the thought and the thing being thought about, and separates between inside and outside, past and present, me and you, was lost."

Torture robs the victim of the most basic modes of relating to reality and, thus, is the equivalent of cognitive death. Space and time are warped by sleep deprivation. The self ("I") is shattered. The tortured have nothing familiar to hold on to: family, home, personal belongings, loved ones, language, name. Gradually, they lose their mental resilience and sense of freedom. They feel alien - unable to communicate, relate, attach, or empathize with others.

Torture splinters early childhood grandiose narcissistic fantasies of uniqueness, omnipotence, invulnerability, and impenetrability. But it enhances the fantasy of merger with an idealized and omnipotent (though not benign) other - the inflicter of agony. The twin processes of individuation and separation are reversed.

Torture is the ultimate act of perverted intimacy. The torturer invades the victim's body, pervades his psyche, and possesses his mind. Deprived of contact with others and starved for human interactions, the prey bonds with the predator. "Traumatic bonding", akin to the Stockholm syndrome, is about hope and the search for meaning in the brutal and indifferent and nightmarish universe of the torture cell.

The abuser becomes the black hole at the center of the victim's surrealistic galaxy, sucking in the sufferer's universal need for solace. The victim tries to "control" his tormentor by becoming one with him (introjecting him) and by appealing to the monster's presumably dormant humanity and empathy.

This bonding is especially strong when the torturer and the tortured form a dyad and "collaborate" in the rituals and acts of torture (for instance, when the victim is coerced into selecting the torture implements and the types of torment to be inflicted, or to choose between two evils).

The psychologist Shirley Spitz offers this powerful overview of the contradictory nature of torture in a seminar titled "The Psychology of Torture" (1989):

"Torture is an obscenity in that it joins what is most private with what is most public. Torture entails all the isolation and extreme solitude of privacy with none of the usual security embodied therein ... Torture entails at the same time all the self exposure of the utterly public with none of its possibilities for camaraderie or shared experience. (The presence of an all powerful other with whom to merge, without the security of the other's benign intentions.)

A further obscenity of torture is the inversion it makes of intimate human relationships. The interrogation is a form of social encounter in which the normal rules of communicating, of relating, of intimacy are manipulated. Dependency needs are elicited by the interrogator, but not so they may be met as in close relationships, but to weaken and confuse. Independence that is offered in return for 'betrayal' is a lie. Silence is intentionally misinterpreted either as confirmation of information or as guilt for 'complicity'.

Torture combines complete humiliating exposure with utter devastating isolation. The final products and outcome of torture are a scarred and often shattered victim and an empty display of the fiction of power."

Obsessed by endless ruminations, demented by pain and a continuum of sleeplessness - the victim regresses, shedding all but the most primitive defense mechanisms: splitting, narcissism, dissociation, projective identification, introjection, and cognitive dissonance. The victim constructs an alternative world, often suffering from depersonalization and derealization, hallucinations, ideas of reference, delusions, and psychotic episodes.

Sometimes the victim comes to crave pain - very much as self-mutilators do - because it is a proof and a reminder of his individuated existence otherwise blurred by the incessant torture. Pain shields the sufferer from disintegration and capitulation. It preserves the veracity of his unthinkable and unspeakable experiences.

This dual process of the victim's alienation and addiction to anguish complements the perpetrator's view of his quarry as "inhuman", or "subhuman". The torturer assumes the position of the sole authority, the exclusive fount of meaning and interpretation, the source of both evil and good.

Torture is about reprogramming the victim to succumb to an alternative exegesis of the world, proffered by the abuser. It is an act of deep, indelible, traumatic indoctrination. The abused also swallows whole and assimilates the torturer's negative view of him and often, as a result, is rendered suicidal, self-destructive, or self-defeating.

Thus, torture has no cut-off date. The sounds, the voices, the smells, the sensations reverberate long after the episode has ended - both in nightmares and in waking moments. The victim's ability to trust other people - i.e., to assume that their motives are at least rational, if not necessarily benign - has been irrevocably undermined. Social institutions are perceived as precariously poised on the verge of an ominous, Kafkaesque mutation. Nothing is either safe, or credible anymore.

Victims typically react by undulating between emotional numbing and increased arousal: insomnia, irritability, restlessness, and attention deficits. Recollections of the traumatic events intrude in the form of dreams, night terrors, flashbacks, and distressing associations.

The tortured develop compulsive rituals to fend off obsessive thoughts. Other psychological sequelae reported include cognitive impairment, reduced capacity to learn, memory disorders, sexual dysfunction, social withdrawal, inability to maintain long-term relationships, or even mere intimacy, phobias, ideas of reference and superstitions, delusions, hallucinations, psychotic microepisodes, and emotional flatness.

Depression and anxiety are very common. These are forms and manifestations of self-directed aggression. The sufferer rages at his own victimhood and resulting multiple dysfunction. He feels shamed by his new disabilities and responsible, or even guilty, somehow, for his predicament and the dire consequences borne by his nearest and dearest. His sense of self-worth and self-esteem are crippled.

In a nutshell, torture victims suffer from a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Their strong feelings of anxiety, guilt, and shame are also typical of victims of childhood abuse, domestic violence, and rape. They feel anxious because the perpetrator's behavior is seemingly arbitrary and unpredictable - or mechanically and inhumanly regular.

They feel guilty and disgraced because, to restore a semblance of order to their shattered world and a modicum of dominion over their chaotic life, they need to transform themselves into the cause of their own degradation and the accomplices of their tormentors.

The CIA, in its "Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual - 1983" (reprinted in the April 1997 issue of Harper's Magazine), summed up the theory of coercion thus:

"The purpose of all coercive techniques is to induce psychological regression in the subject by bringing a superior outside force to bear on his will to resist. Regression is basically a loss of autonomy, a reversion to an earlier behavioral level. As the subject regresses, his learned personality traits fall away in reverse chronological order. He begins to lose the capacity to carry out the highest creative activities, to deal with complex situations, or to cope with stressful interpersonal relationships or repeated frustrations."

Inevitably, in the aftermath of torture, its victims feel helpless and powerless. This loss of control over one's life and body is manifested physically in impotence, attention deficits, and insomnia. This is often exacerbated by the disbelief many torture victims encounter, especially if they are unable to produce scars, or other "objective" proof of their ordeal. Language cannot communicate such an intensely private experience as pain.

Spitz makes the following observation:

"Pain is also unsharable in that it is resistant to language ... All our interior states of consciousness: emotional, perceptual, cognitive and somatic can be described as having an object in the external world ... This affirms our capacity to move beyond the boundaries of our body into the external, sharable world. This is the space in which we interact and communicate with our environment. But when we explore the interior state of physical pain we find that there is no object 'out there' - no external, referential content. Pain is not of, or for, anything. Pain is. And it draws us away from the space of interaction, the sharable world, inwards. It draws us into the boundaries of our body."

Bystanders resent the tortured because they make them feel guilty and ashamed for having done nothing to prevent the atrocity. The victims threaten their sense of security and their much-needed belief in predictability, justice, and rule of law. The victims, on their part, do not believe that it is possible to effectively communicate to "outsiders" what they have been through. The torture chambers are "another galaxy". This is how Auschwitz was described by the author K. Zetnik in his testimony in the Eichmann trial in Jerusalem in 1961.

Kenneth Pope in "Torture", a chapter he wrote for the "Encyclopedia of Women and Gender: Sex Similarities and Differences and the Impact of Society on Gender", quotes Harvard psychiatrist Judith Herman:

"It is very tempting to take the side of the perpetrator. All the perpetrator asks is that the bystander do nothing. He appeals to the universal desire to see, hear, and speak no evil. The victim, on the contrary, asks the bystander to share the burden of pain. The victim demands action, engagement, and remembering."

But, more often, continued attempts to repress fearful memories result in psychosomatic illnesses (conversion). The victim wishes to forget the torture, to avoid re-experiencing the often life threatening abuse and to shield his human environment from the horrors. In conjunction with the victim's pervasive distrust, this is frequently interpreted as hypervigilance, or even paranoia. It seems that the victims can't win. Torture is forever.

About The Author

Sam Vaknin is the author of Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited and After the Rain - How the West Lost the East. He is a columnist for Central Europe Review, PopMatters, and eBookWeb , a United Press International (UPI) Senior Business Correspondent, and the editor of mental health and Central East Europe categories in The Open Directory Bellaonline, and Suite101 .

Until recently, he served as the Economic Advisor to the Government of Macedonia.

Visit Sam's Web site at http://samvak.tripod.com

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Destroying Self esteem is one of the tactics of mind control

A person with low self-esteem will be more persuadable than a person with high self-esteem when the advocated message is weak. Notice the important qualifier: "...when the advocated message is weak." There's no simple linear relationship between self-esteem and persuasion (William McGuire1969). So it is a important countermeasure to keep or build your self esteem up. Here are a few links to help you.

First Cult Influence tactics

What is self esteem? and improving it

3 Faces of Low Self-Esteem

Consequences of Low Self-Esteem

Three Steps to Better Self-Esteem

Further Resources for Change

Self-esteem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1 Measurement
2 Quality and level of self-esteem
3 Issues
4 Self-esteem, grades and relationships
5 Bullying, violence and murder
6 Self-esteem and economic motivation
7 See also
8 References
9 External links

Changing Your Self-Concept and Building Self-Esteem - Psychological Self-Help

Activities That Will Help You Feel Good About Yourself

Article: Building Self Esteem

Building Self-esteem A self-help guide

Building Self-esteem
A Self-Help Guide

Things You Can Do Right Away—Every Day—to Raise Your Self-esteem

Changing Negative Thoughts About Yourself to Positive Ones

Self Improvement and Building Self Confidence Information

What is self esteem and how can you improve it
Counseling To Enhance Self-Esteem
Self-Esteem and Narcissism: Implications for Practice
A Buddhist View on Lack of Self-confidence
Exploding the Self Esteem Myth - Scientific American
Articles, tips, and activities on how to build your confidence and self esteem in your work and personal relationships
Self-Esteem and emotional well-being articles for Teens
The costs and causes of low self-esteem
Thymos, Dignity & Self-esteem

The 36th European Microwave Conference (EuMC)


The 36th European Microwave Conference (EuMC) that will be held in Manchester, UK, from 10 to 15 September, is the core of European Microwave Week 2006, the largest event in Europe dedicated to microwave electronics.

The European Microwave Conference is the major conference in this field in Europe. Therefore, it is the perfect event to keep up to date with recent achievements in the RF, microwave and millimetre-wave domain. The EuMC brings together international experts in a wide variety of specialities, attracting delegates with academic and industrial backgrounds. With more than 300 selected papers in about 40 oral and poster sessions, the conference represents an exciting forum for the presentation and discussion of the most recent advances in the microwave area.

Software Übersetzung

Die europäische Mikrowellen-Konferenz ist die bedeutende Konferenz in diesem Feld in Europa. Deshalb ist es das perfekte Ereignis, Datum mit letzten Leistungen im RF, Mikrowelle und millimetre-Welle-Domäne aufrechtzuerhalten. Der EuMC bringt internationale Experten zusammen in einer breiten Vielfalt von Spezialitäten herein und zieht Delegierte mit akademischen und industriellen Hintergründen an. Mit mehr als 300 ausgewählten Dokumenten in ungefähr 40 mündlich und Plakat-Sitzungen, die Konferenz stellt ein aufregendes Forum für den Vortrag und die Diskussion der letzten Fortschritte im Mikrowellen-Gebiet dar.

Nachfolgend die Themen die man dort bespricht.

Conference Topics:

RF, Microwave and Millimetre-wave Components: Technologies and Design

E1 Filters and Multiplexers
E2 Passive Components & Circuits
E3 Microwave Photonics Components
E4 MEMS and MOEMS (Common topic with EuMIC)
E5 New and Emerging Technologies and Materials for Microwave Components
E6 CAD of RF and Microwave Components Microwave Circuits and Sub-Systems
E7 Active Hybrid Microwave Circuits, including Microwave and Millimetre-wave Sources
E8 Power Amplifiers and Circuit Linearisers (Common Topic with EuMIC)
E9 Microwave and Millimetre-wave Monolithic IC for Industrial Applications (Common topic with EuMIC)
E10 Linearisation Techniques at System Level (Common topic with ECWT)
E11 RF Modules for Wireless Systems (Common topic with ECWT) E12 Microwave Opto-Electronics Circuits & Sub-Systems
E13 Interconnects, Packaging and Multi-Chip Modules (Common topic with EuMIC)

Field Theory, Simulation Techniques and Methods

E14 EM Field Theory, Analysis and Simulation.
E15 Numerical Techniques in Frequency, Time or Mixed Domains
E16 Linear and Non-linear CAD Techniques for Circuits & Systems

Measurements, Electromagnetic Effects

E17 Measurements for Microwave Materials
E18 Microwave, Millimetre-wave and Sub-millimetre-wave Measurements
E19 Systems Characterisation
E20 Electromagnetic Compatibility (Common topic with ECWT)
E21 Medical and Biological Effects (Common topic with ECWT)

Antennas and Wave Propagation

E22 Antenna Design, Modelling and Measurement (Common topic with EuRAD)
E23 Phased Arrays and Associated Components (Common topic with EuRAD)
E24 Wave Propagation Effects Microwave Systems and Applications
E25 Industrial (Medical, Telecommunication, Space and Transportation) Systems and Applications
E26 Ultra Wide Band & associated High Speed Technology (Common topic with EuRAD)
E27 Radar Technology & Systems (Common topic with EuRAD)
E28 Sensors and Imaging Systems
E29 Millimetre-wave and Sub-millimetre-wave Systems
E30 Terahertz Technologies
E31 Remote Sensing (Common topic with EuRAD)

Microwave Madness


Help For Homeless Targets


This is the easy way to make a tent. And the cheapest All you need is rope or cord. (About 10ft) A tarp or plastic. About 8-8 2 trees or stakes driven into the ground about 8 ft apart. And 4 stakes to hold the tarp in an A frame shape. One on each corner of the plastic. Good strong plastic can be found in furniture store dumpsters. Example http://www.circles99.com/elements/album/circles/00040602/00067878/Tent.jpg

And for those who cant make it to the shower house you can get a camp shower for $10-$12 at k-mark Example http://www.alibaba.com/photo/10610895/Camp_Shower.jpg

And for the stove all you need is a fire proof surface like a metal plate and a small bit of fire starter wood. A small peace like 1 inch long will heat up a cup of coffee or a bowl of soup. Example http://www.conros.com/html/LOGG/images/Snaping_Starter.jpg

First-Aid Guide Medical emergencies don't occur every day. But when they do, information can help you deal with these situations. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/FirstAidIndex/FirstAidIndex

Spider bites: First aid http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/first-aid-spider-bites/FA00048

Fore those of you who like to help the homeless you can make tents for them. And/or print out the blue prints and give them out to churches to make. Or give them out at places homeless people hang out like the mission or Salvation Army.

P.S. If any of you are homeless let me know and ill do what I can to help you.

Your friend and c-worker
marks_mind_control_page at yahoo.com


Soul Catcher' Computer Chip Due

CliniClonic' Robo-Serfdom?

The End of Death: 'Soul Catcher' Computer Chip Due...

By Robert Uhlig

The Electronic Telegraph (England)

A computer chip implanted behind the eye that could record a person's every lifetime thought and sensation is to be developed by British scientists.

"This is the end of death," said Dr. Chris Winter, of British Telecom's artificial life team. He predicted that within three decades it would be possible to relive other people's lives by playing back their experiences on a computer. "By combining this information with a record of the person's genes, we could recreate a person physically, emotionally and spiritually."

Dr. Winter's team of eight scientists at BT's Martlesham Heath Laboratories near Ipswich calls the chip the 'Soul Catcher.' It would be possible to imbue a new-born baby with a lifetime's experiences by giving him or her the Soul Catcher chip of a dead person, Dr. Winter said. The proposal to digitize existence is based on a solid calculation of how much data the brain copes with over a lifetime.

Ian Pearson, BT's official futurologist, has measured the flow of impulses from the optical nerve and nerves in the skin, tongue, ear, and nose. Over an eighty year life, we process 10 terrabytes of data, equivalent to the storage capacity of
7,142,857,142,860,000 floppy disks.

Dr. Pearson said, "If current trends in the miniaturization of computer memory continues at the rate of the past 20 years - a factor of 100 every decade - today's 8-megabyte memory chip norm will be able to store 10 terrabytes in 30 years."

British Telecom would not divulge how much money it is investing in the project, but Dr. Winter said it was taking 'Soul Catcher
2025' very seriously. He admitted that there were profound ethical considerations, but emphasized that BT was embarking on this line of research to enable it to remain at the forefront of communications technology.

"An implanted chip would be like an aircraft's black box and would enhance communications beyond current concepts," he said. "For example, police would be able to use it to relive an attack, rape, or murder from the victim's viewpoint to help catch the criminal."

Other applications would be less useful but more frightening. "I could even play back the smells, sounds, and sights of my holiday to my friends," Dr. Winter said.

Informant: Vona Marengo

Wer kennt Messgeräte?

Nachricht von Tim Rifat:

Powerwatch.co.uk sells all these devices for a reasonable price. Pulse detectors and microwave for ELF detection you can always use a spectrum analyser.


Da ich selbst annahm, dass dieser Mann großes Interesse haben müsste, dass solche Informationen der Allgemeinheit zugänglich werden, war ich doch mehr als erstaunt über die Kürze und dieses wenig Informationen beinhaltende E-Mails, dass Herr Tim Rifat, Frau Scheiner hatte zukommen lassen.

Ich selbst hatte aufgrund der einzigen Information dieses Mails „“Powerwatch.co.uk““ mehrere Stunden im WWW gesucht, und keine Angaben über einen solchen Spectrum Analyser gefunden, bei dem der Begleittext darauf schließen lässt, dass man damit Wellenbereiche feststellen könnte, die zur Mind Control benutzt werden, ganz zu schweigen von Namen, Gutachten, Messungen oder Erfahrungsberichten.

Deshalb meine Bitte an Sie, doch dieses Mail auf ihrer Homepage zu veröffentlichen. Vielleicht haben andere Opfer mehr Kenntnisse oder Verbindungen an weitere Informationen zu gelangen.

Mit freundlichem Gruß

Karlheinz Croissant


Perp Links


Elektromagnetische Skalarwaffen


Psytronic Waffen - Psy Weapons - Psychotronic Weapons

Russisches Gesetz gegen Psytronic-Waffen

Draft Law for the Federal Law of Russian Federation is presented


Surveillance Links



Police Chief Wants Surveillance Cameras In Private Homes

George Orwell's 1984 has crossed the horizon and is now visible to our figurative naked eye. The idea is already being discussed. As we already have seen, ideas are the first steps toward realizing them.

This is a direct result of the apathy and ignorance of the American public that refuses to think for itself until it's too late.

Americans are foolishly defending fallible, corrupt human leaders rather than timeless, immutable principles.

Frank J. Gonzalez
Venture International Mortgage Inc.
Associate Mortgage Broker
2006 candidate for U.S. House vs. Lincoln Diaz-Balart cell: 786-287-7491 voteliberty@earthlink.net http://www.electfrank.org


Houston Police Chief Wants Surveillance Cameras In Private Homes

Orwellian telescreens will monitor your behavior

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | February 16 2006

The age of the telescreen is upon us as surveillance cameras that festoon our streets, shopping malls and airports are now moving into our private homes as the panopticon prison is erected.

The Associated Press reports,

"HOUSTON Houston's police chief is suggesting putting surveillance cameras in apartment complexes, downtown streets and even private homes."

"Chief Harold Hurtt today said it's another way of combatting crime amid a shortage of officers.

Scott Henson with the American Civil Liberties Union calls Hurtt's proposal to require surveillance cameras as part of some building permits -- "radical and extreme."

In the meantime, Homeland Security grants are being used to blanket major cities and even small sleepy communities with arsenals of spy cameras.

All over the United States, Canada and Britain, surveillance camera systems are being installed on street corners, in public bathrooms, in residential neighborhoods, and even in parks and forests. We are asked to trust the government underlings who control them that they are working for our best interests as said underlings are caught using the cameras to spy on naked women in their homes.

In the UK, government programs encourage citizens to spy on their neighbors and report suspicious activity as part of a CCTV channel subscriber package.

Homeland Security funding is being utilized to fund this mass expansion of the surveillance state in the US as city and state officials clamor at the teat of Big Brother to milk the cash cow of the police state and win the contracts for installing more and more sophisticated spy cameras.

The government demands to know everything about our private lives and catalogue, file and index every aspect of our existence, yet government itself becomes more and more secret with each passing day as it engages in escalating criminal activities.

The agenda behind surveillance cameras is not simply to track the movements of certain individuals. There are not enough watchers to catalogue all the information. The cameras are about behavior control and creating an omnipresent atmosphere whereby the citizen consciously regulates his own behavior so as not to seem suspicious. The surveillance cameras are there to make a statement. We are the prison guards, you are the prisoners.

As George Orwell described it in 1984,

"The telescreen received and transmitted simultaneously. Any sound that Winston made, above the level of a very low whisper, would be picked up by it, moreover, so long as he remained within the field of vision which the metal plaque commanded, he could be seen as well as heard."

"There was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment. How often, or on what system, the Thought Police plugged in on any individual wire was guesswork. It was even conceivable that they watched everybody all the time. But at any rate they could plug in your wire whenever they wanted to. You had to live -- did live, from habit that became instinct -- in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized."

This is the prison without bars. This is the panopticon, a prison so constructed that the inspector can see each of the prisoners at all times, without being seen. This is a portrait of the accelerating movement by western governments to erect giant, powerful, all-pervading mass surveillance, tracking and control grids that will keep all populations firmly under the baleful and watchful gaze of Big Brother.


Chicago Mayor Daley Wants Surveillance Cameras at Bars

Just like in the movie, "V for Vendetta", it's "For Your Protection". In case you think this is just in the movies, here's a picture I captured while working and passing through the airport that says this, verbatim:

Frank J. Gonzalez
Venture International Mortgage Inc.
Associate Mortgage Broker

2006 candidate for U.S. House vs. Lincoln Diaz-Balart cell: 786-287-7491 voteliberty@earthlink.net http://www.electfrank.org

"I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical."

"I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, thus building a wall of separation between church and state."

--founder of the Democratic Party, 3rd President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)


Posted 2/14/2006 11:30 PM
Updated 2/14/2006 11:34 PM

Daley wants security cameras at bars By Judy Keen, USA TODAY CHICAGO — Surveillance cameras — aimed at government buildings, train platforms and intersections here — might soon be required at corner taverns and swanky nightclubs. A police camera, mounted with a microphone, can detect the sound of gunshots within a two-block radius.

Mayor Richard Daley wants to require bars open until 4 a.m. to install security cameras that can identify people entering and leaving the building. Other businesses open longer than 12 hours a day, including convenience stores, eventually would have to do the same.

Daley's proposed city ordinance adds a dimension to security measures installed after the Sept. 11 attacks.

The proliferation of security cameras — especially if the government requires them in private businesses — troubles some civil liberties advocates.

"There is no reason to mandate all of those cameras unless you one day see them being linked up to the city's 911 system," says Ed Yohnka of the Illinois American Civil Liberties Union. "We have perhaps reached that moment of critical mass when people ... want to have a dialogue about how much of this is appropriate."

Milwaukee is considering requiring cameras at stores that have called police three or more times in a year. The Baltimore County Council in Maryland ordered large malls to put cameras in parking areas after a murder in one garage last year. The measure passed despite objections from business groups.

"We require shopping centers to put railings on stairs and install sprinkler systems for public safety. This is a proper next step," says Baltimore County Councilman Kevin Kamenetz, who sponsored the ordinance.

Some cities aren't going along. Schenectady, N.Y., shelved a proposal that would have required cameras in convenience stores.

"The safer we make the city, the better it is for everyone," says Chicago Alderman Ray Suarez, who first proposed mandatory cameras in some businesses. "If you're not doing anything wrong, what do you have to worry about?"

Nick Novich, owner of three Chicago bars, worries about the cost. "Every added expense ... puts a small business in greater jeopardy of going out of business," he says. Daley says cameras will deter crime, but Novich says, "That's what we're paying taxes for."

Colleen McShane, president of the Illinois Restaurant Association, says the proposal, which Daley announced last week, is an unfair burden on small businesses. "This is once again more government intrusion," she says.

Some business owners say cameras make patrons feel safer. Cameras are in all 30 Chicago bars, clubs and restaurants owned by Ala Carte Entertainment, spokeswoman Julia Shell says: "It's far more cost-effective for us to have them than not to have them."

By spring, 30 Chicago intersections will have cameras to catch drivers who run red lights. More than 2,000 cameras around the city are linked to an emergency command center, paid for in part by federal homeland security funds.

The newest "smart" cameras alert police when there's gunfire or when someone leaves a package or lingers outside public buildings. The system is based on the one in London that helped capture suspected terrorists after last summer's subway bombings.

Chicago is installing those sophisticated camera systems more aggressively than any other U.S. city, says Rajiv Shah, an assistant professor at the University of Illinois-Chicago who studies the policy implications of surveillance technology. Recording what people do in public "is just getting easier and cheaper to do," he says. "Think of your camera cellphone."

Tracking Links


Tribute to Mind Control Victims

Others keep asking, so now I know. We have 600 links in mindcontrolresearchforum and soon we will have more. View group Links

Help For Homeless Targets
M.C Warriors Beacon
Ez board
Mind Control Forum
Mind Control Twoday

Tribute to targets http://mindcontrolforums.com/tribute.htm


Tribute to Mind Control Victims

BKA-Agent machte Drecksarbeit für den BND

Nicht angepaßte Journalisten werden vom BND diffamiert.




10 year anniversary of my first sworn statement to the FBI

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of my first sworn statement to the FBI regarding my parents and I having been introduced to Janet Reno in a secret room at Disneyland when I was a kid.

To celebrate, I'd Iike to share my latest paper with you, Mind Control:


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