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Informant: Cal

Organized Stalking / Gang Stalking

An essay by Eleanor White

While the average 21st Century citizen prefers not to think about this crime syndrome, stalking groups have been using "civilian psychological warfare" on their targets now for at least two decades. And talking about this taboo topic brings a very heavy "don't spoil my day" response.

People not affected simply refuse to listen to information on stalking by more than one stalker.

Kind of like the way folks don't like hearing about cancer.

In the early 1990s, legal jursidictions in both the United States and Canada finally enacted legislation making stalking a crime.

But to society's detriment, justice systems everywhere seamlessly ignore every case where a group of stalkers engage in the same behaviour as single stalkers.

The reason isn't clear, but it may have to do with the rather substantial amount of investigative labour required when a group takes turns doing "little nasties" against a target.

Who is the perpetrator?

That the stalkers are generally not career criminals makes going after stalking group members a substantial project for the justice system.

Some of the stalkers have considerable respect in their communities.

Today's stalking groups use very carefully planned harassment methods.

Every single act of harassment is carefully designed so that it is in the "life's normal breaks" category.

What the target sees are "normal breaks" which usually occur maybe once or twice a month on average, to maybe once a year.

But for organized stalking targets, such "normal breaks" happen at least once, and often several times a DAY.

This "life's normal breaks" format of the crime also adds to the difficulty of investigating and prosecuting organized stalking.

In turn, the apparent normalcy makes it very easy for police and other officials to brush off complaints of organized stalking as the target being "mistaken", "overreacting," .............or often, "in need of seeing a good psychiatrist."

"Life's normal breaks" span a huge range of seriousness.

At the low end you have endless noise from co-opted neighbours who observe the target and schedule "normal activity" like running a leaf blower for each time a target may wish to enjoy peaceful activity.

Or scattering the target's mail on their porch while the target is away at work.

Or frequent, make believe, obviously sarcastic "wrong number" calls.

But at the opposite end of the range, you have surreptitious entry to the target's home, car and workplace, with sabotage of belongings, and torture and even the death of pets.

One target came home to find antifreeze in the dog's dish, and the dog permanently blind.

Some pets or wild animals are butchered and left on the target's doorstep.

It is common, where a target is married, for the stalkers to carefully harass the target only at times and places when the target is separated from the partner.

This eventually drives the target to complain, and the usual reaction is "Don't talk about that any more" ............or "Go see a psychiatrist right away".

The marriage is then often headed for destruction.

Vicious lies are circulated in the community, and these lies do not stop.

Such lies as the target is a prostitute, a drug user, a drug dealer, has a long criminal record, or the highly destructive favourite, applied to both men and women, the target is a pedophile.

Sabotage, lies, and harassment happen at the workplace as well, and it's not unusual for the target to be driven from a job.

Once that happens, when the target looks for another job, the target is shadowed, and lies are fed to prospective employers.

Some targets have been driven to homelessness, and a few have been driven to suicide.

So just because activity is confined to "life's normal breaks", these "breaks" can be devastating and even become life-and-death issues.

Along with the lies, endless sabotage of individually small, but cumulatively important belongings accompanies the surreptitious entries, which are done using locksmithing techniques.

The target effectively owns nothing, because anything he or she owns is subject to being ruined.

Sabotage is carefully spaced out and held to relatively low individual value per incident, as are the thefts that also occur.

A great deal of effort is put into planning the sabotage and thefts, and scheduling them so police will not take the complaints seriously.

Even the sabotage has a well planned psychological element:

Clothing is often ripped open at sexually significant places like armpits and crotches.

Can you imagine taking your underwear to the police station to report that someone broke in and ripped out all the crotches?

Do you think the police would treat that as a crime worthy of their attention?

How long does this go on?

With a literal handful of rare exceptions, for life.

Because the stalking groups continue to recruit and grow indefinitely, there is no "tiring" of the stalker, as happens in single stalker cases.

To this point, I've briefly highlighted the crime of organized stalking.

Organized stalking is sometimes called "gang stalking" though the stalking group members generally don't appear to be affiliated with youth gangs, race gangs, biker gangs, or say, the Mafia.

"Vigilante stalking" is sometimes used because of the false allegations that targets are active criminals.

The big question of course, is "Why?"

The full answer has yet to be discovered.

For an individual target, the "Why?" answer relates to the lies told to the people doing the harassing.

There are people in any neighbourhood or community who enjoy the feeling of self-righteousness ............from "helping keeping crime under control", or in some cases "doing the Lord's work."

Tell the right lies, and it's not hard to recruit harassers.

A second part of the "Why?" question, for which no clear answer is yet available, is why the leaders of these organized stalking groups propagate the lies.

One author, Florida private investigator David Lawson, investigated organized stalking groups for more than a decade, and succeeded in infiltrating groups in the United States and Canada.

His current book on the subject is "Cause Stalking" and is available from


David Lawson found that the organized stalking group leaders keep something of an "arm's length" distance from the members, often passing target designations in ways where the leader can't be identified, such as a coded classified newspaper ad, or even a mention on a local radio show.

Lawson reports that leaders are often from "somewhere else" and claim to have worked in "intelligence" or other difficult to verify jobs.

He was able to interact with stalking group members, but his information on the leaders is skimpy.

David Lawson did report some corporate funding of these stalking groups, by corporations who needed ways to deal with people and groups they consider their "enemies."

People like activists and whistleblowers, or even intellectuals critical of their activities.

Cases are known where, for example, a wife discovers her husband is a pedophile and reports him.

Inheritance disputes are understandable.

And of course, some organized stalking cases have resulted from having a marriage or relationship go sour.

Those are reasons why some targets have been selected,

but it is distressing is that there are many targets who do not know why they were initially chosen.

The reason David Lawson chose "Cause Stalking" as the title of his current book on the subject is that he found organized stalking members are often recruited on the basis of some "cause".

Lawson didn't elaborate on the causes used for recruiting, but did report that once recruited, the "front" cause is essentially ignored, and the actual work of the group is to harass "criminals", and perhaps drive them out of the community.

Lawson reports, and targets concur, that across the U.S. and Canada, local groups now exist everywhere and the are seamlessly networked.

If a target moves, the group in the new location will continue the harassment.

David Lawson has done ground-breaking work in exposing the plight of thousands of organized stalking targets.

His observations are hailed by the targets as "right on the money", highly accurate.

And yet, he has missed the mark when it comes to his conclusions.

Lawson repeatedly lays the blame for organized stalking groups at the feet of foreign terrorists, the "Al Quaeda" thing, and, members of the U.S. Patriot Movement, who, according to their radio shows, are interested in exposing government crimes and deviations from the U.S. Constitution.

Lawson calls them "anti government", but one would think that exposing government crime is a truly patriotic act.

Lawson's own observations simply do not show any involvement by either foreign terrorists or the U.S. Patriot movement.

No connection is visible.

That doesn't mean there aren't some members of either Al-Quaeda or the U.S. Patriot Movement who also do some organized stalking, but targets don't report a visible connection with those groups from their experiences.

So, what can be done about the crime of organized stalking?

In the opinion of this writer, all it would take to stop it would be for organized stalking to become a "household word."

That's it.

It's that simple.

The problem is that because the justice system consistently denies the reality, the media has nothing they are willing to print.

If a target approaches reporters, the reporters, under the gun for accuracy, are very reluctant, though there are small hints this may be slowly changing.

If the general public were aware of this crime, the pressure on the justice system would be sufficient to stop it, I claim.

Meanwhile, what can someone who discovers, and that can take time, that their endless "bad luck" is really organized stalking do to help themselves?

Right now, there are a precious few, a small minority, of crisis support organization counselors who do know organized stalking is "real" and will offer some support.

They cannot stop the crime, nor can they force the reluctant justice system to act to help the target, but it can make a huge difference just knowing one person, especially connected with an organization, does believe the target and does know that organized stalking is a real crime.

Anti-organized stalking activists need to work harder at developing connections with those few crisis support counselors, in the view of this writer.

Perhaps the largest pool of activity among targets is networking via the Internet.

Because destruction of targets' incomes is a high priority of the stalkers, target activism is rather poorly funded, but some things are happening.

At the moment, I'd like to recommend googling "organized stalking", with the quotes, to readers who may believe their "bad luck" has reached the point of organized stalking.

Networking doesn't stop the harassment but it can dramatically improve the outlook for targets.

What can the general public do to help?

Look up organized stalking on the Internet, read what is available, and above all else, talk it up.

The day organized stalking becomes a household word is the day that this crime will be properly attended to by justice systems.

Special thanks to readers who have read this article.

Eleanor White


Declaration of Concerned Citizens



My Ordeal with Neurological Weapons



Petitions "results"


Some of E/M harassment links that I have collected:

http://tinyurl.com/2f7wyh (Electronic Harassment)

http://tinyurl.com/yvkysp (Mind Control and the Intelligence Services)

http://tinyurl.com/ytd3m6 (Mind Control Research Forum)

http://tinyurl.com/7wyae (Declassified MK-Ultra Project Documents)

http://tinyurl.com/yqh9ab (Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights)

http://tinyurl.com/ykhhmb (Effects of Ethanol on Millimeter-Wave-Induced Pain)

http://tinyurl.com/2znscn (List of some mind control symptoms)

http://tinyurl.com/2a7xmy (Nonlethal Weapons, A Global Issue)

http://tinyurl.com/2b36z2 (Timeline: Electromagnetic Weapons)

http://tinyurl.com/2e6akm (Bioelectric Terrorism)

http://tinyurl.com/rv24c (Hack Your Nervous System)

http://tinyurl.com/ywr5re ( http://www.rhfweb.com )

http://tinyurl.com/2bag8r (Michele Moore on Electronic Harassment in American Chronicle)



Letter to Senator Clinton

I still need your authorization to include your name in our letter to Senator Clinton. Please let me know asap to include your name and your country to our letter. Those of you that have already responded disregard this email. Your names are added.

For those who are new, please read the attachment and decide if you want me to add your name on this letter. Please respond to this email.


Thank You.

Julie Gilliam


Neurological Weapons - Petition of John Finch to Human Rights



Der Krieg um die Köpfe



Who is this perp? By the way my home is under high frequent waves attack



The "Cashless" Implant Society on the Horizon

by Attorney Constance Cumbey

There are days reading the news that I have to pinch myself. Surely this is some type of a bad dream from which I shall soon awake. Unfortunately, the painful realization is that I am awake and this Orwellian nightmare is really happening. This time, it's trying to get under our skin -- literally. Despite serious health concerns, which even the AMA acknowledges, they push for the implants anyway. Looking behind the action, I find power, money, and an old player in the form of "Verichip," variously known at different times as "Digital Angel," and "Applied Digital Solutions.".......



Is Your Cell Phone Bugged?



Cell Phone SECURITY warning

In the US, several high powered commercial radio stations have been slapped by the FCC for RF field levels exceeding safe levels in areas of the station where employees had to work.

FCC RF field limits are set based on short-term and mid-term effects such as RF heating of tissue possibly causing cataracts in those exposed every day. Those big commercial stations use tens of thousands of watts, and buildings directly under the tower can locally concentrate RF fields, especially if any structure is present whose dimensions approach any odd multiple of 1/4 wavelength(about 3 meters in the FM broadcast band, for instance).

It is well known in radio engineering that intense local RF fields are dangerous! The maximum safe power for hand held transmitters is generally believed to be about 5 watts-and their antennas are intended to be held away from the body. This would be equivalent to a 1/2 cell phone(some are 1/4 watt these days) with its antenna at least four inches away from your head.

While studies of RF risks from cell phones are getting contradictory results, the math says that a cell phone antenna 1/2 inch from your skull(as it is generally used) with 1/2 watt of power give you as much absorbed energy as perhaps 300 watts(!) from a hypothetical hand held with a long antenna pointed away from the body at a 1 foot distance. Remember, with any form of electromagnetic field, power varies with the square of the distance.

I suspect a lot of hams would not want to run a 300W hand held transmitter very long-and one pirate radio station with only 50W routinely warned everyone to stay off the roof when the antenna was energized.

Anyway, these figures suggest that any danger from cell phone systems comes from the phones themselves, not the towers. Anyone using a cell phone will get so much RF from the handset you could not measure any effects from the tower-no matter what these effects turned out to be.

If studies found cell phones to be causing health problems, I would not be at all suprised based on the extremely high field levels generated by having the antenna so close to the skull. If people didn't insist on the phones being so damned small maybe the antennas could be kept farther way from the face.

Since people are not dropping like flies on DDT from using their phones, my guess is that most people are not harmed, most of the time. This does not mean something is safe for everyone, of course. If you get headaches while using a cell phone, either get rid of it or use some kind of aftermarket antenna that is not so close to your head.

As for cell phones, there is another problem with them that can land yu in PRISON-security! I'm not talking about intercepted call, though that's bad enough. It turns out that the FBI or anyone else who can talk your provider into putting the phone in "diagnostic mode" can use it to listen to ROOM AUDIO at least ten feet away.

I tested the sound quality possible with this by putting a small audio recorder in my backpack, walking ten feet away and talking. It recovered clearly understandable audio! Assume that any cell phone present at a meeting is doing the same, and REMOVE THE BATTERIES when not in use.

In the current issue of the Earth First! Journal there is a very good article about cell phone security hazards.

In Congressional testimony about "roving wiretaps" it came out that most cell phones can be signalled by the tower to go into "diagnostic mode" and at that point they broadcast all audio reaching the microphone. Some models will do this even when turned off, but none ca transmit with the battery removed.

A "roving wiretap" gives both audio and location-either by GPS or by the older and now automated method of triangulation.

Any time you are going somewhere you need to be able to deny having been,or any time you are going somewhere you want to not be immediatly findable by the cops, you need to leave the phone behind or remove the battery.

Before any meeting, all participants should pull out any cell phones they are carrying and remove the batteries. It's not enough to put them in a bag on the far side of the room, as my own testing has verified.

When I heard about this, I ran a simple test: I set my audio recorder(used for making Indymedia audio) to record, put it in a backpack, and walked 10 feet away indoors. Then I started talking, and guess what? The audio was clearly understandable. Assume the microphone in a cell phone is just as good, and keep the battery OUT when discussing secure matters.

The safest way to use a cell phone is not to, followed by putting the battery in only when you need to make a call or be available for calls. The disadvantage of this is obvious: you become hard to reach. At a mimimum, you should be aware of your phone any time the battery is hooked up-or anyone near you has one that has its battery installed. This way, you won't tell the FBI something you have a need for them NOT to know.

What is a cell phone? It is a computer with software you do not control and cannot modify hooked to a speaker, a microphone, and a radio transciever. In other words, it is the perfect bugging device.

Informant: lukekuhn

Bio-electromagnetic Weapons: The ultimate weapon



Microwave Mind Control


When I worked in the "diesel generator business", I worked with a lot of "communications companies" all across Canada.

Bell Canada was a big one I did a lot of work with.

They all have "standby diesel generators" at their "central offices" and all their "repeater stations."

A lot of "national security" concerns within these systems.

People within these systems have more than enough "equipment" and "resources" to make you "sick" if you "step on the wrong toes."

Lots of "microwave generators" and "radio equipment."

All with no "forensic evidence."

Their may be a union / non union theme to my problems.

I worked at a non union company, Harper Detroit Diesel.

I had no idea about "radio waves as weapons" until 2005, 7 years after I initially got sick.

I started my research project in January 2004 on the internet with the key words "constructive dismissal" in relation to my own problems at Harper Detroit Diesel.

I am not sure about "microwave mind control", seems to be a lot of articles on the internet about this topic.

It does look like more and more people world wide are looking at "radio waves as weapons".

I think maybe thats because there is now so much "radio equipment" around the world with the advancements in "communications."

"Non Lethal Weapons", I guess if their used properly.

The problems with all these types of systems is the technology falls into the wrong hands.

Some real horror stories from people worldwide about this topic on the internet.

What an eye opener !


Gerry Duffett

Toronto / Ontario / Canada

gerryduffett47@yahoo.com gerryduffett@fastmail.ca



Get news delivered with the All new Yahoo! Mail. Enjoy RSS fee When I worked in the "diesel generator business", I worked with a lot of "communications companies" all across Canada.

Bell Canada was a big one I did a lot of work with.

They all have "standby diesel generators" at their "central offices" and all their "repeater stations."

A lot of "national security" concerns within these systems.

People within these systems have more than enough "equipment" and "resources" to make you "sick" if you "step on the wrong toes."

Lots of "microwave generators" and "radio equipment."

All with no "forensic evidence."

Thier may be a union / non union theme to my problems.

I worked at a non union company, Harper Detroit Diesel.

I had no idea about "radio waves as weapons" until
2005, 7 years after I initially got sick.

I started my research project in January 2004 on the internet with the key words "constructive dismissal" in relation to my own problems at Harper Detroit Diesel.

I am not sure about "microwave mind control", seems to be a lot of articles on the internet about this topic.

It does look like more and more people world wide are looking at "radio waves as weapons".

I think maybe thats because there is now so much "radio equipment" around the world with the advancements in "communications."

"Non Lethal Weapons", I guess if their used properly.

The problems with all these types of systems is the technology falls into the wrong hands.

Some real horror stories from people worldwide about this topic on the internet.

What an eye opener !

Gerry Duffett
Toronto / Ontario / Canada
gerryduffett47 @yahoo.com
gerryduffett @fastmail.ca





Kontrolle total



Das ultimative Überwachungstool

Das ultimative Überwachungstool für Netzwerke

Strategen der US-Luftwaffe entwickelten ein wahrhaft futuristisches Konzept eines "Cyber-Fahrzeugs", um im virtuellen Medium ebenso präsent zu sein wie in der Luft, auf dem Boden, auf See oder im Weltraum.



We do take this phenomenon seriously

Julie will organize it


Thank you

This is just to let everyone know we do take this phenomenon seriously and are looking into ways in which we can convince relevant people to take it seriously as well. We would like to thank all the people who have send in their stories, and will keep you informed if not directly then through Monika Stoces.

Kind regards,
Gert Nuyts

Patsy Sörensen
Payoke NGO Leguit 4
2000 Antwerpen Belgium
T. 0032-3-201.16.90

Cell Phone: FBI can listen even when phone is turned off


Mind Control: The Ultimate Terror





Are Your Thoughts Your Own? Neurological Weapons and Psychological Terrorism



National Care Society: Directed Energy Weapons

June 12 2007

Canadian Television forums.

These threads are active at this time.

CTV National Television.


TV Ontario


Gerry Duffett
Toronto / Ontario / Canada
gerryduffett47 @yahoo.com
gerryduffett @fastmail.ca


Living in a ‘surveillance society’


Informant: Mark G.


DARPA's Stick-On Body Sensors



US troops to scatter crawling Wi-Fi mini-droids


Informant: Martin




RFID: Ernsthafte Bedrohung für die Privatsphäre


Field Test: GPS phones for kids


Now they're pushing parents to push mobile phones on their kids - in order to TRACK them! To "plot their whereabouts"! Horrors!

Susan Clarke


The War On Consciousness


Informant: Useful I.


NY electronic tagging device bill: an Orwellian measure

Liberty For All
by Jeffery M. Leving and Glenn Sacks


Assembly Bill 5424, recently introduced by State Assemblyman Felix Ortiz (D-Brooklyn), is a draconian measure which will victimize many innocent New York men and fathers. The bill requires ‘any person against whom an order of protection is issued … to wear an electronic monitoring device.’ The device will allow pinpoint tracking of the wearer, and tampering with the device will be a felony...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Power beaming system US Patent 5068669

US Patent Issued on November 26, 1991 http://www.patentstorm.us/patents/5068669-description.html


The present invention relates in general to the transfer of energy by means of electromagnetic waves to power a remote device. More specifically, the present invention relates to a system for "power beaming" energy from a source at high frequencies and rectifying such energy to provide a source of DC energy to a remote device.

Identification/security tag system employing electronic doppler shifting and/or rectenna structure

Document Type and Number: United States Patent 5416486

Link to this Page: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/5416486.html

Abstract: An identification/security tag system, including miniaturized tags which can be readily concealed, utilizes a concept of "electronic" Doppler shifting to generate a frequency shifted signal in response to an interrogation signal. The frequency shifted signal is used to identify individual tags. The implementation of electronic Doppler shifting permits the utilization of conventional police/sport radar guns as a combined transmitter and receiver unit, thereby greatly reducing the expense of the system. The high frequency operation of the system permits size of the tag to be significantly reduced with respect to the size of tags used in conventional tag systems. Rectenna circuitry is further employed to eliminate the need for an active power supply in the tag in some applications.



Total Control


Nothing About Us Without Us!




"Sanfte" Waffen für harte Zeiten

Hier eine Weiterleitung an Sie. Der Text (s. Anlage) enthält etliche interessante Aussagen: http://tinyurl.com/2kmy8t

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


CORE CONCEPTS for Radioactivity and Mind Control

Yet another file from Clare L. Wehrle before she was killed by car hit....after being rendered homeless in Florida. She was adamant about leaving her files behind... Hopefully there is not a pattern in "taking us out"?


c copyright 2005 by Clare L. Wehrle


As announced, the first draft of this file was erased by a torturer/hacker. I must now re-post 2 hours work with a teenage torturer (running the cybercafe) present. I have been offline so long, I forgot the golden rule of backing everything up multiply at frequent intervals. Presumably the hackers (controlled by CIA have my original copied, which I must reconstruct after hours of torture. The CIA's goal is to give me permanent brain damage after obliterating my writing which they have repeatedly confiscated for almost 30 years, starting with the seizing of my Ph.d pre-dissertation research "Public Information on Radiation" by Swedish police on July 8th,1980. July 8th and Halloween are their favorite holidays to celebrate with ritual abuse and satanic electromagnetism etc. The main ritual to which I have been subjected is book-burning. I may be psychotic by the end of the year due to increased use of long half-lives. This file will deal with the core concepts of radioactivity as apllied to so-called mind control. In the case of radioactivity, one is dealing with neurotoxins acting internally when possible and more damaging to tissue than are NLWs. OUTLINE in this article, which has been requested by a number of colleagues, I'll attempt to cover the core concepts of radioactivity in mc applications. I recommend the use of the NRC glossary listed on the links page for basic terms. In the second section, I'll review perception and its importance as one form of evidence planned to conduct formal perceptual research on radioactivity at one point, but was too heavily targetted. In part 3, I'll cover sources of radioactive material and regulation or lack of it. In 4, I'll present ideas for independant testing of covert operations with radiation, especially the use of statistical indicators of possible mass experimentation.


1) The concept of the wave versus particle theory is a central one in physics. Both models are considered to have some validity. It is particularly relevant in the comparison of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. Nuclear or radioactive substances are particles which emit energy in the form of ionizing radiation. See the NRC glossary for alpha and beta particles,and x-rays and gamma rays both of which can be emitted by nuclear material. The effectiveness of countermeasures depends on the use of the correct model. For example, water or washing is effective to some extent to decrease the presence of radioactive material, although a long half-life will still be persistent. This would not be true if only non-ionizing radiation is present. Alpha and beta particles can be blocked with paper (alpha) or cardboard or plastic (beta). Even though less shielding is required, the paradox is that they are more damaging than gamma or other rays, at least when acting internally. In this case, the particles emit energy under pressure in a closed system. Note that sexual targetting, a term used in mind control circles to mean remote stimulation or penetration of the sex organs by electromagnetic energy, may be relieved by using the particle model (water immediately, rather than the "Microwave Pantihose" being sold by charlatans). (Microwave sexual targetting MAY be possible, but radioactive material is used as a contaminant in, among other things, underwear and on toilets and chairs widely, and acts like a tracer to mark the organs for targetting). There can also be cross-contamination when wiping to the sex organs if the hand is contaminated. The hand is the major carrier of contamination, be it radiological or microbial. Sex organ cancers are common. For example 1 man in 6 gets prostate cancer. Do not assume that sexual targetting is nonlethal. Sexual targetting is one dimension of mind control, even when there is no direct brain stimulation.

2) Radioactive particles enter bloodstream, even more readily (remotely or ingested) than chemicals, and can have a neurotoxic effect, as well as carcinogenic, etc. Non-ionizing radiation, such as microwave radiation, does not enter the bloodstream and is considered less lethal, although many factors such as dosage level are relevant. Microwaves, at high power densities, can cause cardiac arrest, for example.

3) Economic factors are important. Nuclear substances are gold (health effects aside) as a quasi-infinite source of power. A long half-life can generate energy for 1000s of years. Given the cybernetic age, any task - including torture - can be automated and repeated given an adequate energy source. In a society of continuous war, such an energy source is critical. NLWs are big and expensive compared to nuclear material. Of course, some important functions such as mind-reading are apparently only performed by non-ionizing frequencies such as ELF. Nuclear substances are in fact used with mind-reading and other NLWs to inflict more severe brain damage. Mind-reading can apparently be done without any brain damage being inflicted by this energy and may even be universal at this stage. The Infernal Machine may need nuclear power to create permanent hells.


What can you do with cyborg memory chips?


Websites dealing with brain "entrainment"

Lance Blanck

Fri Jun 1, 2007 16:00

Do some word seaches [ http://www.google.com/webhp?hl=en&ie=ISO-8859-1 ]. Type in "subliminal suggestion", or "mind control", or "manipulation of perception", or "Remote Behavioral Influence Technology", or "Brain Zapping", or "Biocontrol Systems", or "Psycho-Acoustic Projector", or "Nervous System Excitation Device", or "System and Method for Controlling the Nervous System of a Living Organism", or "Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brian Waves", or "Inducing Altered States of Consciousness", or "TMS", or "Psychotronic Weapons", or "Neuro Programming", or "Physio Info Tronics", or "Neurodulation Systems", and see how many websites there are that deal with these and related subjects. There are millions! Get on the USPTO website and the WIPO website and do the same. Type in the letters "SSSS" an see what you come up with! There are hundreds of websites dealing with brain "...entrainment..." technologies connected with the development of Humanistic Artificial Intelligence! Take it from there!

http://disc.server.com/discussion.cgi?id=149495;article=111208;show_parent=1 (excerpt)


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https://groups.google.com/ forum/#!topic/electromagne tic_radiation_victims/yfTJ nW35cSY http://www.mind control-blog.com:8091/helm a/twoday/mindcontrol/searc h?q=radiofrequen http://ww w.mindcontrol-blog.com:809 1/helma/twoday/mindcontrol /search?q=microwave http:/ /www.mindcontrol-blog.com: 8091/helma/twoday/mindcont rol/search?q=radiation
rudkla - 31. Aug, 22:37
http://www.targetedjustice .com http://www.mindcon trol-blog.com:8091/helma/t woday/mindcontrol/search?q =targeted
rudkla - 1. Aug, 10:51


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