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Chart 10. Biderman's Chart of Coercion
S. 48

1. Isolation.

2. Monopolisation of Perception.

3. Induced Debility Exhaustion

4. Threats.

5. Occasional indulgences.

6. Demonstrating 'Omnipotence'.

7. Degradation.

8. Enforcing Trivial Demands.

General Method
Effects (Purposes) Variants

1. Isolation.
Deprives victim of all social support of his ability to resist. Develops and intense concern with self. Makes victim dependent upon interrogator. Complete solitary confinement. Complete isolations. Semi isolation. Group isolation.

2. Monopolisation of Perception.
Fixes attention upon immediate
predicament. Fosters introspection. Eliminates stimuli competing with those controlled by captor. Frustrates all action not consistent with compliance. Physical isolation. Darkness or bright light. Barren environment. Restricted movement. Monotonous food.

3. Induced Debility.
Exhaustion Weakens mental and physical ability to resist. Semi-starvation. Exposure. Exploitation of wounds. Induced illness.
Sleep deprivation. Prolonged constraint. Prolonged interrogation.
Forced writing. Over-exertion.

4. Threats.
Cultivates anxiety and despair. Threats of death. Threats of non return. Threats of endless interrogation and isolation. Threats against family. Vague threats. Mysterious changes of treatment.

5. Occasional indulgences.
Provides positive motivation for compliance. Hinders adjustment to
deprivation. Occasional favors. Fluctuations of interrogators's attitudes. Promises. Rewards for partial compliance. Tantalising.

6. Demonstrating.
'Omnipotence'. Suggests futility of resistance. Confrontation. Pretending co-operation taken for granted. Demonstrating complete control over victim's fate.

7. Degradation.
Makes cost of resistance more damaging to self esteem than
capitulation. Reduces prisoner to 'animal level' concerns. Personal hygiene prevented. Filthy infested surrounds. Demeaning punishments. Insults and taunts. Denial of privacy.

8. Enforcing Trivial.
Demands. Develops habits of compliance. Forced writing. Enforcement of minute rules.



Bio-Systems as Super-Conductors

Hallo, hier eine Weiterleitung.

Part I:
Part II:
Part III:

Mitteilung kam von A. Brüggemann. Mit Gruß!

G. Altendorf


Quantum dots allow communication with, perhaps control of, brain cells

Quantum dots

According to the article, by selectively coding peptides that coated quantum dots, University of Texas scientists precisely controlled the spacing of hundreds of quantum dots on the surface of the living neurons. The cadmium sulfide contacts act as photodetectors, allowing researchers to communicate with the cells using precise wavelengths of light. Taken to the logical extreme, biologists could remotely control any neural function by activating select neurons. One idea is to put a quantum dot right next to a protein channel — one that opens and closes — allowing ions to go in and out, and basically control the ion exchange, which in turn controls action potentials [neuron 'firing'].

By using the molecular-recognition capabilities of living cells, scientists have made selective electrical contacts to neurons. The cadmium sulfide contacts act as photodetectors, allowing researchers to communicate with the cells using precise wavelengths of light.

We can take peptide molecules that have very specific protein sequences and put them into the actual semiconductor material, which then very specifically binds to particular locations on cell surfaces."

Scientists had already attached a variety of objects to cells using biorecognition, such as fluorescent dyes, enzymes and radioactive labels, but Schmidt said her group is the world's first to intentionally interface with neurons electrically.

"What's unique about it is that we can do this on a very very small-length scale — that we can really pull the semiconductor material directly to the cell surface using these very short [roughly 3-nm] peptide sequences," she said. "We can distribute them to different parts of the cell depending on what we want to trigger."

In this new biological application, attaching quantum dots directly to cells eliminates the need for external electrodes. The procedure is entirely non-invasive, similar to the use of fluorescent dyes to mark cells. And since molecular recognition is used, it is a "smart" technology that can pick precisely which capability will be controlled on each neuron to which a quantum dot is attached. Taken to the logical extreme, biologists could remotely control any neural function by activating select neurons.

"Presumably, in the future we will be able to turn on an ion channel or turn off something else," said Schmidt. "We could have highly regulated activity in the neuron. . . . One idea is to put a quantum dot right next to a protein channel — one that opens and closes — allowing ions to go in and out, and basically control the ion exchange, which in turn controls action potentials [neuron 'firing']. These are the electrical signals with which the neuron interacts with the brain.",1895,1165553,00.asp?rsDis=Accelerated_Living-Page002-10163 //Nanobots

Another technology that will greatly enhance the realism of virtual reality is nanobots: miniature robots the size of blood cells that travel through the capillaries of our brains and communicate with biological neurons. These nanobots might be injected or even swallowed.

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute have already demonstrated electronic-based neuron transistors that can control the movement of a live leech from a computer. They can detect the firing of a nearby neuron, cause it to fire, or suppress a neuron from firing—all of which amounts to two-way communication between neurons and neuron transistors.

Today, our brains are relatively fixed in design. Although we do add patterns of interneuronal connections and neurotransmitter concentrations as a normal part of the learning process, the capacity of the human brain is highly constrained—and restricted to a mere hundred trillion connections. But because the nanobots will communicate with each other—over a wireless LAN—they could create any set of new neural connections, break existing connections (by suppressing neural firing), or create hybrid biological/nonbiological networks.

Using nanobots as brain extenders will be a significant improvement over today's surgically installed neural implants. And brain implants based on massively distributed intelligent nanobots will ultimately expand our memories by adding trillions of new connections, thereby vastly improving all of our sensory, pattern recognition, and cognitive abilities.

Nanobots will also incorporate all of the senses by taking up positions in close physical proximity to the interneuronal connections coming from all of our sensory inputs (eyes, ears, skin). The nanobots will be programmable through software downloaded from the Web and will be able to change their configurations. They can be directed to leave, so the process is easily reversible.

In addition, these new virtual shared environments could include emotional overlays, since the nanobots will be able to trigger the neurological correlates of emotions, sexual pleasure, and other sensory experiences and reactions.

When we want to experience "real" reality, the nanobots just stay in position (in our capillaries) and do nothing. If we want to enter virtual reality, they suppress all of the inputs coming from the real senses and replace them with signals appropriate for the virtual environment. Our brains could decide to cause our muscles and limbs to move normally, but the nanobots would intercept the inter-neuronal signals to keep our real limbs from moving and instead cause our virtual limbs to move appropriately.



Kontaktierung des Nervensystems mit Röntgenstrahlung

Eine interessante technische Option:

Indirekte Ankopplung an das Nervensystem mit Röntgenstrahlung

Remember, the x-ray emissions at silver adsorption frequencies will directly stimulate silver poisoned nerves and neurons, and directly cause nerve and nueron firings.

When such devices are used for mind control, much lower power levels would normally be used. However, this can still be detected and recognized for what it is, because the radiation will contain definite non standard modulation patterns which are not normally found in the output of a television set which is displaying normal broadcast or recorded programming. For example, alpha or theta or delta wave (brainwave) patterns. Remember, the x-ray emissions at silver adsorption frequencies will directly stimulate silver poisoned nerves and neurons, and directly cause nerve and nueron firings. Higher power levels are not usually a neccessity for this purpose; the modulation pattern is very effective at power levels not that much greater than an off the shelf, well-adjusted color television set. Even at the levels of a well-adjusted TV set, there will be some effects seen.

An area that shows above average levels of x-radiation is likely to contain nuking or manipulation activities, and is an excellent candidate for releasing a detector cloud inside from time to time.




(Komsomolskaya Pravda, November 14, 1990)
(interview with Russian scientist A.F. Okhatrin)

MICROLEPTONIC FIELD - simply spoken "biofield" superlight particles - microleptons - form this field, for example the human aura. "In principle enslaving machine can be constructed" states candidate of technical sciences A. Okhatrin.

We can registre them with the help of photoleptonic apparatus, an equipment which "turns" microleptonic radiation into visible light.

In principle the radiation acts on nervous system. We found 5 stages of effects depending on intensity. In the first stage a human being loses interest, becomes irresistibly weak, tired. Second stage - a human being loses logic. Third stage - human being loses orientation in the room. Fourth stage - in the first place ill organs fail. And the fifth stage - this is already… It depends on intensity.

As an expert and judicial person I assert: in Kiev was launched mass production (and this is principally serious) of psychotronic biogenerators and their testing. I can not assert that those were specifically generators from Kiev that were used during the putsch.


Remote Knife / Remote Surgery

Nach Eintreffen weiterer Indizien, kann der folgende Text von mir als richtig angesehen werden.

Leider hat sich zu diesem Zeitpunkt eine weitere absolut tödliche Technologie offenbart. Mit dieser Technologie kann mit sehr hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit auch unter der Körperoberfläche arbeitend der biologische Körper via Strahlentechnologie aus der Entfernung mm/µm genau zerschnitten werden bzw. Hautschichten zerstört/abgehoben werden. Inzwischen sind 3 ähnliche Fälle bekannt.

Mit dieser Waffe wurden deutsche Personen in Dtl. lebend angegriffen.

Ein weiterer Hinweis existiert, dass mit dieser Waffe gegen die Straßenbandenkriminalität in New York vorgegangen wurde/wird.



Eine Fallbeschreibung mit Implantaten und erfolgreichen x-Ray

N'Tumba - or someone posing as N'Tumba, perhaps - told Austin-Walker that during one visit to hospital he'd been unwillingly anaesthetised and fitted with two electronic devices - a 'transmitter' high in his left nostril, and an 'electrode of radio-transmitting crystal' in the occipital lobe at the base of his skull. And what's more, N'Tumba claimed he could supply the X-rays to prove it.

N'Tumba had noticed that, since the operation, he had been sharing all his, "...visions, thoughts, images, hearing, and memory... etc, with people around me as the security services are engaging in a large scale propaganda drive to smear my character, background, behaviour, emotions and motives.

In the occipital lobe:

Axel Brüggemann


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