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ELF Mind Control

ELF Mind Control / Laurentian University / Canada
Posted by: duffett52
Sat Mar 29, 2008 8:11 am (PDT)

ELF Mind Control

Laurentian University / Sudbury / Ontario / Canada

Michael Persinger
935 Ramsey Lake Road
Sudbury ON
Canada P3E 2C6

Research, Development & Creativity Office
Tel : 705-675-1151 ext. 2436 or 3944
Fax : 705-671-3850

HAARP CBC Broadcast Weather control



MIND CONTROL: The Mother Of All Black Operations


Julianne McKinney / Congressional Oversight
Posted by: duffett52
Sat Mar 1, 2008 5:58 am (PST)

Microwave Harassment and Mind Control Experimentation

Congressional Oversight

by Julianne McKinney

The Government's past record of abuses in the area of civil rights is well documented. Within the past 30 years alone, we have witnessed the effects of Operations MKULTRA, MHCHAOS and COINTELPRO.

Primarily because of MKULTRA, MHCHAOS and COINTELPRO, Executive Orders and implementing regulations were published which prohibited military and CIA domestic covert intelligence operations.

Experiments on involuntary human subjects, and the surveillance of/collection of personal information on U.S. citizens, except under strictly regulated conditions were also prohibited.

Congressional committees were created to oversee compliance with these (quasi) legal prohibitions.

We have evidence that this is not being done.

Moreover, where there are laws and, in this case, no laws enacted, there are loopholes, as well as individual and institutions who deliberately capitalize upon the existence of loopholes.

Iran-Contra is one of the more blatant recent examples.

Loopholes are also found in government resort to black intelligence and weapons programs, in the use of contractors, and in the absence of clear definitions of such terms as national security and national security risk.

Executive Orders and regulations which currently limit official U.S. Intelligence activities do not extend to non-intelligence government agencies or to their contractors.

In fact, Executive Order 12333 specifies that government contractors do not need to know that their services support U.S. Intelligence objectives.

In its report of July 8, 1992, the Senate Subcommittee on Oversight of Government Management addresses the problem of tracking funds granted to government-contracted research and development (R&D) centers.

The report notes that the problem is compounded by DoD's penchant for creating hard-to-monitor shell contractors as disbursement centers for funding programs.

Neither shell contractors nor their subcontractors are directly accountable to Congress.

Being beyond Congressional oversight, they have the license to operate as Government surrogates in intelligence operations about which, officially they know nothing.

In this context, a publication disseminated at DA's

The Soldier As A System symposium noted that the Army's Research and Technology Program sponsors 42 laboratories and R&D centers, employing approximately 10,000 scientists and engineers.

The annual budget of $1.3 billion is only a small part of overall DoD research spending.

Weapons research, which includes the development and testing of non-lethal weapons, is not governed by laws restricting the activities of U.S. Intelligence agencies, though it may be presumed that these agencies contribute to and benefit from such research.

Preliminary Findings

1. The technology exists for the types of harassment and experimentation reported to us.

2. About a dozen U.S. citizens have informed us of continuing experiences with effects which directed-energy weapons are designed to produce.

3. U.S. Government-sponsored research into the bioeffects of exposure to microwave radiation is extensive and continuing.

4. The U.S. Government has a past record of having engaged in mind-control experimentation; and various agencies of the Government have a record of circumventing legal restrictions upon their activities.

5. Neither Congress nor the courts appear willing to look closely into black intelligence and weapons procurement programs.

6. A number of U.S. Government agencies might have interest in testing directed-energy technologies on U.S. citizens under non-clinical / non-controlled circumstances

DoD, test ranges and degrees of non-lethality;
DoE, explore safety limits;
CIA, test mind-control capabilities, and
NSA, ......for technological refinement.

by Julianne McKinney

Read complete article located here:

Bioeffects of Selected Nonlethal Weapon Declassified Report / Microwave Effects

Electronic Harassment


Electronic Harassment




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