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Telepathic Experiences

Here is a list of Telepathic Experiences I have encountered over the past three years this Mind Control and Gang/Multiple Stalking has been happening. It is clear these are well organized and executed encounters. There is also an earnest effort to keep this capability quiet, because each time I attempt to reach out and discuss these things with someone, such as lawyers or family members, the attacking regime increases. There is obviously a psychological manipulation and operation being conducted to condition the Targeted Individual to keep quiet.

* When this first starting happening to me I was under the impression they wanted me to get in with them. I thought it was the CIA or some other respected governmental organization, which had identified a capability I possessed which they wanted to utilize and develop; or a capability they knew about and wanted to use in their organization. I had no idea gang/multiple stalking even existed. My first encounter was when I was flying to Detroit, MI from Huntsville, AL for a job interview. I am an engineer and had previously spent 2 ½ years in Detroit working in the automotive industry. On the plain ride it became apparent there were people following me, by the stairs and glares I was getting. This was when I first realized I could pick up telepathic communication, because I picked up someone saying, "I am going to head back now." The scene was like a street theater like experience, with people moving in and pealing off. I also picked up someone communicating to another, "You did good, he didn't pick up on you until now." And yet another transmission was, "You don't know how many of us he saw and pick-up on. We kept having to pull off him."

Well, I went to Detroit for a job interview, of which I ultimately received an offer (I have the offerletter, if anyone would like proof). Upon getting back to Huntsville, AL I received non stop "V2K" transmissions not to leave Huntsville, AL. I was under the impression they wanted me in with them, and wanted me to stay in Huntsville, so I did.

* Once I was being stalked and harassed while driving down the road. I identified one of my stalkers and decided to follow him into a parking lot. He road up to someone standing in the parking lot and communicated something. The guy on the bike is the stalker and the guy with the R.A.T.S. shirt is the person he road up to and started communication with. Click the photo to the right to get a good view of this person, and his shirt. I have photos of this guy on the bike following and stalking me all over town. Background images will prove this person followed me for miles. It is too much of a coincidence the shirt this person to the right is wearing. Maybe they don't want me talking and posting about this stuff anymore. Tongue out.

In the event the picture of this guy with the R.A.T.S. doesn't come up in the forum, and I don't think it will, I will include a link to my site where it is posted. Dude with R.A.T.S. shirt.

* I was down along the coast after Katrina, and helping out with the clean-up effort. I was standing in line to get something to eat, when someone walked up behind me. We started talking and for some strange reason he decided to tell me where he used to work, and for whom, and about people who got fired for being rats. I did not in any way lead the communication in this direction. I didn't even care to talk with this person. He just went on and on about rats being fired.

* The constant head attacks are always accompanied by V2K chitchat, such as, "You F'ing little A'hole," "I can't believe what we just did to you," "I can't believe what you let us do to you." There is a full list of these sayings in my blog. It is clear; the purpose of these V2K is psychological manipulation, as the transmitters are attempting to tear down the target psychologically.

* I was at a golf course and in unison I think everyone there was chanting, "Don't leave till you talk to one of us." It was so overwhelming I couldn't think straight. I went into a basement restroom and still felt and still heard these words reverberating. How do you walk up to a total stranger at a golf course and discuss something like this. There was more than ample opportunity for these people to talk with me about this in private, if they truly wanted too.

* I was at another golf course once, standing at the main counter, when a group of about 6 walked in. They stood around me, not verbalizing one utterance of a word, and communicated to one another telepathically. I could hear the words, and follow who was saying what. I don't remember today what was said, but it was clear telepathic communication. When the telepathic communication was complete, each walked out one by one, with me walking out also. As I have stated before, they are able to tap into your head/brain and force you to subconsciously do things. I believe they probably suggested that I just walk away from this situation, which I did. Again, if they wanted to talk with me and confront me, they had more than an opportunity to do so.

* I have been in additional instances where I picked up telepathic communication at golf courses. This was a common occurrence when this first started happening.

* I was walking through a grocery store once when I passed directly in back of someone standing in the isle. As I passed, it was like a warping effect where I was literally shaken. These people can send signals, attach onto your head, and push you away with brain waves.

* This was when I was still working. I was standing talking to someone about an issue when all of a sudden my legs were subjected to a similar warping effect and shaken. I turned and there was a group of people staring right at me.

* I was walking through Wal-Mart and all of a sudden the "n" word was repeated time after time, repeatedly. There were many black people around shopping, and this was when this first started happening to me. At the time I thought I was thinking this, but later came to realize others were subjecting these thoughts it into my head. This again is some type of psychological manipulation effort to tear you down and make you feel uncomfortable in certain situations.

* They use the above technique on many occasions using different words or phrases to instill stress and uneasiness, depending on the circumstance. These phrases are clearly coming from people around me.

* I am constantly picking up communication, which is obviously between people situated around me. The ability to pick up these communications is greatly diminished due to the attacks. I believe they use these attacks to quash and eliminate abilities or gifts certain people have.

* Once when visiting New Orleans I was in the process of leaving. As I walked down the street to my car, a group of perps showed up, I believe there were 4 guys and one girl, who were all, staring directly at me. They were on the other side of the street, walking down the street in the opposite direction. One was walking into building and the other I believe was following. They were all staring directly at me, as in an attack mode, as my head was unbelievably attacked with pain signals. I thought I would not be able to make it to my car. This was undoubtedly coming directly from these people.

* On numerous occasions I would be in locations such as casinos down along the coast, or in bars, when I would receive unbelievable levels of head pains in the form of numerous dots scattered all over my head. Once I picked up a V2K transmission where someone stated, "They are trying to hurt you now."

Well, these are just a few of the telepathic experiences I have encountered over the three years this has been happening to me. I will update the list if any new situations come to mind.


The PSI area is where a lot of this Mind Control and Harassment is coming from

Hey Mark,

Much thanks for all the good info you have presented. For someone looking for RV info, I am sure they will find lots to read. I had not come accross the IRV site, and found it very informative.

I personally believe the psi area is where a lot of this Mind Control and Harassment is coming from. Here in Huntsville, AL I have experienced many situations which lead me to believe telepathy has been harnessed and given to almost anyone.

Remote Viewing has been around for a very long time, and most of the initial studies were done in lab back in the 50's and 60's. My personal belief is that research was also done on these original folks like Swann, to understand what allows them the abilities they possess. This info like brain chemistry was understood, developed, and allowed to be trasnfered to others through the administer of chemicals to heighten sensitivity to ESP. I personally believe there is a whole area of brain development our government has allowed to keep secret, and un-published, by side tracking the public in areas they would like us to be side tracked in.

I have not completely eliminated the possibility of weaponry to inflict these types of pains I am receiving, but the pin point accuracy, and the ability of one person to receive them while all others in the same vicinity cannot, leads me to believe that people are able to tap into one persons brain, through telepathic - ESP capabilities, in order to inflict these pain signals.

From Mind Control Research Forum

Preparing a matrix to track TI harassment symptoms

Hey folks, it took me a while, but I found it. In regard to preparing a matrix to track TI harassment symptoms, I have recently upgraded my web site, , to include dynamic capabilities. This upgrade also included the members to provide feedback in the area of news and such. I have included a section in the site for members to provide TI Harassment Profile The profile also includes a matrix similar to the one originally created here. You can first view my govharass profile, but in order to create one of your own you will need to login to reach the appropriate menu system. Logging in gives you author status and allows you to submit news articles as well as the profile.

The site includes photo gallery, blog, news/profile, and forum capabilities. I like coming here, and posting info, but I keep finding that it is difficult to track issues, which roll of the end of the page after a day or so. With forum capabilities, and some of the other helpful features I have created at, I feel it will be easier to track and research issues being presented.

Hope ya'll give the new site a try.


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